I wake up at 7 am, saying 'oh no, it's scool day!'. I have my breakfast very quick and i got into the school bus. Anyway, i have some talkative friends at the school bus so i spend some good time on way to school.
Our first class at the school is the english class. Our annoying english teacher doesn't like our homeworks as the usual. 2nd class is english again, but thank god it's not the same teacher. 3rd lesson is very important for us because we have arts class next lesson. :'( We get really bored in art class cause we have been painting the same picture since the school has opened. Whatever, the next lesson is geography so i get a little happy. The lunch after geography class, don't even mention it. Our school cantine is terrific. There are always vomit-like vegetable stuff, why not pasta? To our good luck, the lunch break doesn't take a long time. Our last lesson is french, you never get bored in french class. And here comes the best part...school bell rings! Holiday, yippeee! And we all go to school buses and forget the school for 2 days, even knowing we will have a math test on Monday.