According to the CBS website deadline...

"According to
rumors, the chain will retain only two new series this fall, and two for mid-next year (~ January)"

On Ringer...

"...reactions to the pilot are varied, from mixed to positive-Sarah Michelle Gellar as headliners, but it really is "serialized" (intrigue that follows throughout the episodes). CBS has a dramatic series of this kind of set, and is the acclaimed but little follow-up The Good Wife.

And now the words of the pilot which are rather bad sign ... Ringer mentioned by the EW site:

"...and although we hear that CBS loves Sarah Michelle Gellar, the chain just liked the Pilot Ringer. Merde?” Shit? "

Ringer once again mentioned on the CBS website:

[...]" Ringer, which was shown [chain] few days ago, has not made much noise. [...]

"[...] It seems like it's not going to do for Ringer (although the project is not completely dead). They loved Sarah Michelle Gellar. Expect to see her in other shows from CBS. "

So in conclusion: the future of Ringer does not look very good right now, but do not despair, keep hope and expect the upfronts chain to see the official decision as it appears from these reports that the chain loves SMG and wants to be in one of thier programs, but Ringer does not seem to suit them. It is unclear what will happen to the pilot, the string could request that certain scenes be shot again to change the look too "feuilleutonant" from the episode (For instance, the pilot of 'Buffy' was shot two times I remind you;)

{Hmmm...I personally would really like to see Ringer but its all up to CBS I guess...did that rhyme!?!?}