As Sailor CM waved goodbye, Serena started to wonder if that girl was REALLY on their side. The next morning, Serena told her friends EVERYTHING that had happened last night. (even the homework fight)."Wow, all that in one night? you must be tired Serena!" said Lita (sailor Jupiter)."Enough about that! We have a new sailor soldier,isn't that exiting!" She's also Serena's little sister!"Amy ( ami or sailor mercury) said." But remember, sailor scouts ALWAYS have secrets.Remember when uranus and neptune were taking pure hearts?" Mina (or sailor Venus) said." Mina, don't be TOO suspicious, its only one little girl, she can't really do any harm." said Rei. But after she finished that sentence, an electric tazer shocked her from behind her. And out jumped Priscilla! AAAHHH!!! The girls shouted as they ran in flee. When Serena got home, it was about 5:00 on August 8th." SERENA!!!!" Her mother shouted. " your late for your piano lesson!!! GET YOUR BUTT IN THE CAR NOW!!!!" her mother shouted once more. Priscilla stayed in the basement. alone. and fell fast asleep.