Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Previously, in Sonic In St. Louis

Robotnik: We were so close to taking St. Louis!
Snively: What shall we do now sir?
Robotnik: Get Decoe & Bocoe over here. I have a plan to go to Germany. They have really good mechanics, which I could use for my machines.

The following takes place between....

Why the hell am I saying that? This is not 24

Tails: *goes to Sonic* I just got some important news you might wanna hear.
Sonic: Go for it.
Tails: Robotnik is planning on going to Germany to get new mechanics.
Sean: *arrives* This can't be good.
Knuckles: What should we do?
Tails: Stop him obviously.
Sonic: Right. You guys ready?
Tails: Yup.
Sean: You know I am
Knuckles: Count me in!
Rouge: Right behind ya.
Espio: Same here.
Sonic: Then let's kick some robo-butt!

Meanwhile in Dr. Robotnik's base.

Decoe: The teleporting time machine is set sir.
Robotnik: Excellent. Let's go to Germany.
Bocoe: *sets destination*
Robotnik: Is the chaos emerald set?
Snively: Yes sir.
Robotnik: Shadow, you know what to do.
Shadow: Chaos... Control!

After that, Robotnik was in Germany.

Shadow: Here we are.
Robotnik: Great. *notices cars* There's a lot of antiques here for 2013.
Decoe: Or perhaps we ended in the past.
Bocoe: *checks year* You're right. We're in Germany, but during the year 1939.
Robotnik: Hmm. Do you know what this means?
Decoe & Bocoe: No
Snively: No sir.
Shadow: Yes. We're in the start of world war 2. Not only are we going to find mechanics, but we'll be able to find men that can fight without surrendering.
Robotnik: And what are these men called.
Shadow: Nazis Dr.
Robotnik: Alright! Let's go get some Nazis!

12 Nazi soldiers ran towards Robotnik.

Nazi: Who are you, and what are you doing here?
Robotnik: We are from the future. See our time machine?
Nazi: *looks at time machine* They're from 2013.
Nazi 2: And from a world called Mobius.
Robotnik: Yes. Gather your entire army, and get them here. I am your new leader now.
Nazi: And why should we do that?
Robotnik: Because if you don't..
Shadow: *lifts building*
Robotnik: You will be crushed. If you make any attempt to shoot me, you will die. So, what's it going to be?
Nazi: Ach, fine. We'll work for you.
Robotnik: Wunderbar.

Meanwhile near Robotnik's base

Sonic: I can't see anyone.
Sean: Neither can I. Do you suppose we're too late?
Sonic: I hope not. Tails, how do we get in?
Tails: The front door
Sonic: Oh yeah, because it's unlocked.
Tails: -n-
Sean: Let's go *runs to door*
Others: *follow*
Sean: *pulls out .44 magnum* Rouge, take point.
Rouge: *opens door* All clear
Sean: *enters* Hmm. No one is here.
Espio: That's what they want us to think.
Knuckles: Doesn't this guy normally have turrets to kill any intruders?
Sean: He does, but they aren't working.
Knuckles: How can you tell?
Sean: If they were working, a red light would be on near the barrel of the turret. Let's go upstairs

Once we got upstairs, a bright light flashed, and Robotnik returned, with a bunch of Nazis, and outside of the base were a huge amount of tanks, planes, trucks, cars, and motorcycles.

Robotnik: Nazis! Your first assignment is to kill that hedgehog, and his friends!
Sonic: *gulp*

We were surrounded by Nazi soldiers, but that wasn't going to stop us.

Robotnik: Just surrender now, and things will go smoothly.
Sean: Yeah, no way.
Sonic: Let's do it to it
Sean: *kills Nazi*
Dead Nazi: *kills three Nazis*
Robotnik: You can't stop me, I have a turret! *runs to turret* Ahahahahha!
Sean: *shoots at Robotnik*
Robotnik: *dodges bullets*
Sonic: Go after him, we'll handle these guys. *kicks Nazi*
Sean: *runs after Robotnik*
Tails: *electrocutes Nazi*
Knuckles: *kills Nazi*
Rouge: *giving a Nazi a blowjob*
Nazi: Uhm??
Rouge: *stops* Oh, right *kills Nazi*

While this was happening, Shadow was chasing me, while I was chasing Robotnik

Shadow: *grabs desert eagle*
Sean: *reloading .44*
Robotnik: Shoot him already!
Shadow: *shoots gun*
Sean: *jumps over bullet*
Robotnik: *Gets shot* AGh!
Sean: *lands on Robotnik*
Robotnik: *falls on floor*
Shadow: *shoots gun*
Sean: *dodges bullets* ENOUGH!
Shadow: *stops*
Sean: *Grabs Robotnik* Fire one more bullet. I dare ya.
Robotnik: Don't do it! It's a trap!
Shadow: How do you know? You're being held hostage!
Robotnik: *looks at audience* -n-
Sean: You gonna drop your weapon?
Shadow: Maybe.
Sean: Do it, or Robotnik is dead! *puts gun to head*
Robotnik: Jesus christ! Just do it!!
Shadow: *shoots Sean's foot*
Sean: AH! *falls on floor*
Shadow: Let's get out of here! *runs to exit*
Robotnik: *follows*
Sean: Ugh *tries to stand up*

Still, could be worse

Robotnik: *shooting turret*
Sonic: *takes cover* Where's Sean?
Tails: I don't know.
Sonic: I gotta find him! *runs past*
Robotnik: Damnt! Too fast

Sonic ran to find his cousin

Sean: *laying on ground*
Sonic: *Sees Sean* Are you alright?
Sean: *wakes up* Sure. I got in a fight with Shadow, and lost.
Sonic: So you're not alright.
Sean: Whatever you say. How are we going to defeat Robotnik, and his new army?
Sonic: Together. *runs to others*
Sean: *follows*
Robotnik: *shooting machine gun at others*
Others: *hiding*
Sonic: *kicks Robotnik*
Espio: *sees Sonic* Good job getting here.
Rouge: Now how do we stop these guys?
Sean: I've got an idea. See that time machine?
Sonic: What are we going to do?
Sean: Place a bomb on there.
Tails: You don't have to ask me twice *grabs bomb*
Knuckles: That guy always has a weapon for everything. Doesn't he?
Sean: Yes he does.
Tails: *places bomb on time machine* Got it. Let's get out of here.

We were making a run for it

Nazis: *Blocking path*
Sean: *shoots Nazis* Keep moving!
Knuckles: *Breaks hole in wall* Let's get out this way! *runs*
Others: *follow Knuckles*
Sonic: Ok, now we wait for an explosion.

Nothing happened.

Sean: Tails? Was that bomb you had a dud?
Tails: No it's not. Someone must have defused it.
Robotnik: And that someone is me.
Sonic: *sighs* Great. *fights Robotnik*
Decoe & Bocoe: *scared*
Sean: Hey you two.
Decoe & Bocoe: AHH! *Run off*
Nazis: *shooting at Sonic*
Sonic: *jumping over bullets*
Robotnik: *tries to punch Sonic*
Sean: *shoots Nazis*
Nazi 1: Halt! Two of us must shoot the grey hedgehog.
Sean: *kills Nazi*
Sonic: *kicking Robotnik*
Robotnik: *Grabs Sonic's leg*
Sonic: Ooh, not good.
Robotnik: True
Sonic: For you *spin dash's toward building*
Robotnik: *lets go, and hits his head on the building, knocking himself out*

Though he was uncounscious, everyone thought he was dead.

Nazis: Our leader is dead. *walk toward time machine*
Sean: What? You're not going to try, and avenge him?
Nazis: Nein, we're heading back to 1939, and winning Europe for der fuehrer.
Tails: Bye.
Nazis: Yeah *open door to time machine*

Suddenly, an explosion occurred

Tails: Hm. I guess it wasn't defused after all.

The End
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Preview Time

The Cops - 2016

St. Foallis Maresourri, 1996

Three ponies were driving a 1994 Caprice down a road at 2 in the morning. They were all tired, and wanted to go to bed.

Bob: Ah hell. Give me more booze before we do anything like this again.
Lewis: Okay.
Mare: *Talking on the radio* Attention all units, 211 in progress-
Lewis: What the hell is this?
Bob: A robbery at this time of night?
Shawn: What the hell is going on?
Lewis: Shh!
Mare: -Suspect is inside the bank, witnesses believe the suspect's name is Benjamin Guarino.
Bob: No!
Shawn: We just put him in jail.
Bob: Now we're gonna send him to hell!

Outside of the bank.

Lewis: Wait for him. No other cops are around. Lay low, he won't see us.
Benjamin: *Steps out of the bank*
Shawn: *Runs out of the car* BEN!!!
Benjamin: *Running*
Shawn: *Catches him, and slams his head into a wall five times* You're supposed to be in jail!! *Pushes him onto the sidewalk, and grabs a Walther. He shoots seven bullets into Benjamin's head*
Lewis: *Watching Shawn drag Ben back to the car. Everything pauses in place as he begins to narrate*

As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a cop.


Everything turns to black for the opening credits

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

In Association With Jade_23

A WindWakerGuy430 Fan Fiction

The Cops

Starring SeanTheHedgehog's Tony Wineglass as Lewis Lee
WindWakerGuy430's Chimney Sweep as Bob Stone
SeanTheHedgehog's Sam Phillips as Shawn Baldwin
Octavia Melody as Mackenzie
Jade_23's Nikki West as Edwina Warbucks
And featuring two new OC's Benjamin Guarino, and Leonard Plesance

Since I was born in 1963, I had the interest of being a cop. I saw them on TV, saving ponies from danger, and that's what got me interested.


Glasgow Village, St. Foalis, 1981

Lewis: *Running out of his house*

I'd spend most of my time in Summer, running around town, trying to find these two detectives. My family lived in the Northern section of town, just next to Interstate 270, near Chouteau Island. I just graduated from Riverview Gardens High School, and even though my parents wanted me to go to College, I had something else in mind.

Lewis: *Sees Leonard in his car* Hi Leonard.
Leonard: Lewis, come on in.
Lewis: *Gets in the back seat*

Norfolk & Western - 2016


Norfolk Southern Diesels: *Pulling a coal train out of the train yard in Roanoke*










Six Shooters 4 - 2017



Harry: *Looking at a sign in front of his house. It says...* Sold.
Amy: I told you we'd do it. You didn't believe me.
Harry: Yeah, until two days ago when I heard that we'd have some buyers. Any plan on where you want to go for our next home?
Amy: Hmm..

Cape May, 1959.

Harry: *Looks at his new house as he drives away in his red Cadillac* Still can't believe we made it here.

SeanTheHedgehog & WindWakerGuy430 Present

Harry: *Marks a day on his calender. It says April 14, 1962* Only four days until my birthday.
Captain Ford: Harry, I need to see you.
Harry: Oh no. *Worried as he walks with Captain Ford into the office*
Captain Ford: You set a fine example for our officers in this department. How would you like a promotion? There's no Corporal spots available, so we're going to make you a Sargent.
Harry: *His eyes light up* Thank you sir.


Alan: You better not be a gangster.
Harry: I'm Harry Penn of the New Jersey State Police. Are you Alan Martinez, or not?
Alan: I am.
Harry: *Gets out of the car, and sticks his hand out for a handshake*
Alan: *Pulls out his .38* Not so fast. If you're really a police officer, you'll show me your badge.
Harry: Suit yourself. *Takes his badge out of his pocket*
Alan: *Looks at Harry's badge, and gives it back to him* And, some I.D. If your name's not Harry Penn, I'll shoot you.
Harry: *Grabs his driver's license in his car* Whatever you say Martinez.
Alan: *Looks at his license* Okay Mr. Penn. What's going on?
Harry: I've been assigned to work with you.
Alan: Okay. Now I'll take the handshake. *Shakes Harry's hand* Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but I have trouble trusting some people.


Alan: 1965 is a pretty shitty year, huh Harry?
Harry: What makes you say that?
Alan: Music, and cars are starting to turn into crap, and don't even get me started with Lyndon Johnson. *Turns right*
Harry: What the hell are you talking about?
Alan: Vietnam. What the hell are we sending our soldiers over there for? What did they ever do to us?

Six Shooters 4

News Reporter: The war still rages on in Vietnam, but it seems that some people want our soldiers not to take part.

Cape May, 1968

Harry: *Wearing a military uniform*
Alan: *With Camryn* This is it I guess.
Harry: Don't worry Alan. I'll be back.
Alan: I know. You shouldn't even be going there, of all places. *Shakes Harry's hand*

All this and more from SeanTheHedgehog. Making good fan fictions since 2012.