Chapter two :)

(Jack's point of view)
Hello Jack here! Yup it's me, I love my little sister though even she can be annoying. She didn't tell me what she saw which got me annoyed. I kept asking her, but she refused to answer. I sighed, I thought- might as well find out what the others have to say. A sound got my attention and so did Trinity's, I said "let's go and check it out." She took my arm and said "no, not now we need to see the guardians." I guess she was right, so we flew side by side together to North's place in order to find out if Pitch was back and up to trouble. We were the last to arrive because Bunny said "well, look who's here." I landed behind Trinity, she said "sorry we're late." North replied "it's fine, we were just going to start." I sighed with relieve and stood next to my sister. She said "you worry to much." I replied "if it's only something about Pitch and your safety." She rolled her eyes and said "I'll be fine, and besides I can deal with Pitch myself." I said "yeah right,he could kill you." Trinity didn't reply this time but stayed silent which was fine with me. We waited for Man In The Moon to tell us if Pitch was back and was up to something bad.