Here is my story about Trinity, guardian of hope.
(Trinity' s point of view)

Hey there! My name is Trinity Frost, guardian of hope. I love being with other guardians. And I should also tell you that my brother is Jack Frost, I look like him we both have white hair and blue eyes though my hair is longer than his. I love my brother but at times he can be annoying. My best friend among the guardians is Tooth, we get along really well. I forget to mention that I'm a fairy, and my power is peace. The sad thing is my power attracts Pitch. We hate each other. So I went to talk or my brother, I said "Hi Jack." Jack replied "hey, what's up?" I replied "not much." Something got my attention but I ignored it, not realizing what I saw was a fearling. I said "glad it's finally winter?" He nodded, doing something I least expected he bent down and made a snowball, throwing it at my face. I shook my face, glaring at him I said "so, it's going to be like that." I through one back and took off with my brother behind me. I laughed, then again another fearling appeared, it was the same one from before. I stopped dead in my tracks only to have my brother crash right into me, we fell on the ground. I looked at him and said "really?" He replied " well you just stopped." I sighed and he got off, he asked "what did you see." I didn't reply, I had a really bad feeling about that fearling and knowing that meant only one thing. Pitch has returned and maybe was after me.