Pitch's Pov

I walked around my lair, enjoying the quite and the darkness that went with it. I lost to the guardians about 3 mouths ago, I had lost control of the fearlings for while but I was able to regain control of them. I started spreading nightmares once again, but did without being seen.

I was deep in thought of how to get rid of the big four and get Jack to my side. He might have beat me, but I knew that they would never truly get his trust after ignore him for 300 years and they would never understand what it was like to be alone and I knew that. The question was how was I going to do that.

I decided to go out a spread my nightmare to get stronger and I was board now. As I went to the town near Burgess, I felt a great fear not the pure fear the confused and in pain kind. To be honest that was my least favorite kind beside being alone.

I followed the fear to an alleyway at first I didn't see anything.

"Odd" I said to myself

Yet the fear was still there. I suddenly heard of cough that when I saw a girl probably 16 or 17 laying in the middle of the alleyway on her stomach breathing heavily.

Though the guardians thought I was a killer that was one thing I was very much against, whatever happened to this girl was bad. I wonder why she was in alleyway by herself and why none seem to see her the streets were pack with the summer crowds. I finally saw a man coming down the alley.

"Finally" I thought

But the man walked through her. I realized she was a new sprit most likely and weak from dying or something.. I couldn't leave her there through I should randomly get Sandman to follow me and lead he to her.

I was about to do that when an old friend who I hadn't spoken to in years and it shocked me to say the least.

"Pitch this is a second chance I'm giving you follow the right path and you be happier for it in the end."

"What are you saying!" I hissed

Of course no answer I rolled my eyes

"Of course"

I sighed I really didn't have a choose now.

"Damn you" I whispered

I looked at MIM then at the child I smiled maybe this would be good. I gently flipped the girl to her back. She moan in pain some, but did not wake.

She was quite beautiful for her age. Normal weight, probably an average height. Her hair was fire red, her skin was a little pale but had a more color to it then Jack's. I picked her up carefully.

I took the shadows to the lair and place the girl on the couch for the time being.

How did she died that she was so weak as she was? I hoped she wake soon so I could learn more about this red head child.

Jinx's Pov

I knew it had been a bad idea to take the alleyway home, but it was the fastest way and I was already late as it was. if I had know I was going to die there I would have taken the long way, but the past is the past.

I heard a voice in my head telling me my name was Jinx Black weird since my name is Jinx Parker, but the voice spoke more telling me that he picked me for a important purpose, what it was he didn't say which was annoying to me. Then I heard no more.

I tried to stand up, but my body fallen to the ground and that was the last thing I remembered before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up on a couch had it just been a weird dream? I tried to move, but I yelped in pain.

"Damn it!"

I whole body was crying out in pain. I realized I had a broke leg, crake ribs, a head wound, bruise all over the body. I laid back down, I heard a noise

"hello!" I spoke

"Look who up!" came a British male voice

"I guess" I said totally confused

I saw he had gray skin a black cloak and golden eyes. I started for a bit.

"Boogeyman?" I asked

He smiled

"Yes, but my name is Pitch Black"

"Black" I thought

I remember what that voice told me I was picked for a important purpose was to make the nightmare king good how the hell was I going to do that!

"And your name child?" he asked

"Jinx!" I said quickly not ready to tell him that the voice picked me to be his daughter I think.

"Jinx what a pretty name" he said


This was weird what was I doing here why wasn't I dead!

"You all right Jinx" he asked with worry

That shocked me he cared had the voice told him to help me?

"Confused and in pain" I answered truthfully

"Where do you hurt Jinx?"

"Everywhere to be honest"

He frowned

"What happened to you?"

I closed my eyes remember almost every detail of my life and death.

"I don't think I ready to talk about it yet.."

He gave a weak smile

"I understand now lets patch you up!"

"Ok!" I smiled

"Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all" I whispered to myself

Pitch had been taking care of me for about a week now. My bruise were gone my head wound had healed. He said Sprits heal faster the morals do. But he said my leg would still be broken for a another week and my ribs would hurt for a while.

Overall for the King of Nightmares he was very sweet, evil and mean sometimes, but not to bad

He gave me a room within his lair and he let me have light in there. He was a good cook and he sneak out and get books for me to read. I might have die but so far this was the best thing to happen to me in a while. I really couldn't remember the last time I was happy.

He did tell me about the guardians and that I should stay away from them when I'm able to walk again and fly.

Yes I can fly I also control the four elements not very well but Pitch say I get better. I also learn that the voice I heard was the Man in the Moon.

What was MIM plan and I knew sooner or later I meet the guardians. That would be fun

3 Years later

Pitch's pov

Jinx had being with me for 3 years now. She was smart, kind girl but had anger problems she almost burned down the lair when she got mad what about I still don't know .

Though Jinx now looks at me as a father or at least I hope she does. We can talk about everything, but her human life. She refuse and I she the pain in her eyes. What ever happened to her wasn't pretty.

She was getting much better with her powers she was very good with water and earth. Air she was getting better at she had master flying and enjoyed a little to much because she broke her arm when she lost control.

I worried about her almost all the time.

I came back to the lair and found her sleeping with a book on her face.

I chuckled.

I took the book of and marked it for her.

I watched my little princess sleep peacefully. I couldn't help but smile. I walked to the nightmare who weren't aloud to touch her and I think the knew better since when she upset fire happens.

I thought about the guardians though I still hated them well not Jack he was just annoying. I didn't care about them anymore. Jinx taught me how to scare children, teens and adults alike. Horror movies.

Jinx didn't like them she a) didn't understand why you scare yourself on purpose and b) the were predictable to her. We were in one while I was working this when I didn't like her being alone. I still don't

The was a noise coming from the basement the teen girl followed it.

"She dead" Jinx said

Next frame she was, I chuckled but was able to scare the others. I also worked on Halloween which was fun and Jinx would help out. I also taught children lesson with fear.

Things were going well I had a daughter and believers. It was good.

I saw Jinx shiver a bit so I placed a blanket on her and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep well my little Princess"

Jinx's pov

3 years had pasted since I started to live with Pitch Black who I now saw as my father. Weird since he is suppose to be evil and stuff. Yet all I see is a kind man who is way too overprotective.

I had being trying to get better at flying when I lost control and broke my arms. For the next 3 mouths I wasn't allowed out of his sight or the fearlings either.

The fearlings didn't bother me because dad made them stay away unless to protect me and the last one who tried to give me nightmares was be eating by fire. Which dad found quite funny.

Sometime I sneak out a talk to Manny though he never answered it was nice to see the sky and star. I think dad knew but I never went to far from the lair so I think he was ok with that. I seen the sandman, the tooth fairy's helper once the Easter bunny and Santa or North as he went by. I looked for Jack but he was in town or somewhere else and I never could get to far from the lair without dad knowing and when I did I be dragged back by the fearlings.

It was summer I lay by the lake looking at the stars and thinking.

I heard movement I didn't think much of it because it was most likely dad telling me to come home.


I never heard that voice before I looked up and saw a white hair blue eyed boy who was my age holding staff.

"Jack frost?" I asked

"You can see me?"

"Duh smarty pants"

He chuckled

"Who are you?"

I couldn't speak he was so hot!

"Hello there you ok?" he asked

"Umm Fine I have to go!"

I ran off

"Hey wait!" he yelled

But I made back to the lair with my heart racing before he could catch me. When dad found go I was so dead!