Jack POV
I walk by Jamie's house since i have nothing to do.I don't feel like making it snow today plus Santa told me i was not allowed to.Santa may seem like a nice guy but you wouldn't want to get on his bad side.
I see Jamie runing towards me looking excited about something.
"Hey buddy what's up.Why are you so excited?"
"My aunt Lilly is visiting".
"She must be a great aunt".
"Yeah she is.She is real young and she is like you"he say bouncing with excitment.
"How young is young?Twenty five?".
"No younger she's eighteen".
I start to walk going past Jamie's house when this girl with blonde hair and green eyes walks out and walks the opposite direction to us wiping her eyes.I guess that is Lilly then.
"Is she okay?"i ask.
"Why?"Jamie asks.
"She looks like she was crying"
Jamie looks up at me concerned and looks at Lilly.
"You can go"i say.
Jamie smiles at me and then runs away.

Lilly POV
I wipe the tears frim my eyes as i leave the house.I hear someone runing up beside me.
"Are you okay?"i hear a voice say.
I look beside me and see Jamie looking up at me concerned.
"Yeah i'm fine"i say.
"What's wrong?"
"I broke up with my boyfriend"i tell him.
"It's okay lilly we still love you"Jamie says trying to cheer me up.
"Thank you".
I kneel down and Jamie gives me a hug.He then steps back and i stand up.
"Come on we better go home for dinner".
The two of us turn around and head back home.When we get back Cathy is dishing up dinner.We all sit down and eat dinner.Cathy's husband Will comes home so i say hi.
"You settling in alright"Will asks.
I give a quick answer and then spend the rest of the night in my room.I go to bed at eight becouse all the drama that has been going on has tired me out.
The next morning i wake up before anyone else so i sit back in bed ,i put in my headphones and listen to my ipod.I quitly sing along to my music when i hear a tap on my window.
I get out of bed leaving my headphones and ipod on my bed.I look out the window and see nothing.I then open it looking around still not seeing anything.I close the window and sit on my bed when i hear my door open.
Sophie tirdly walks in holding a teddy bear in one hand she continues to walk towards me.She looks up at me holding her empty hand open towards me.
"You want a hug?"i ask.
Sophie just nods.I fold my legs and put her on my lap curling up straight away.I wrap my arms around her hugging her.I hear a tap on my window again and i quickly look over when i see what seems to be a stick quickly pulled up.
"Is someone playing a prank on me?"i say without thinking.
"No"sophie quietly says.
"Do you know who is doing this?"i ask sophie.
I feel her head rub against me as she nods.
"Who is is?"i ask.
"Jack Frost"she says.
"Why doesn't he just talk instead of taping my window?"
"He shy"she says.
"Is he always"
"No this the only time"she says sitting up in my lap.
"Why is this the only time?"
"I can't tell you or he won't be happy"she said.
"Does he like me?".
"Everybody likes you aunt Lily"
"No i mean does he have a crush on me?".
"Nooo"Sophie says holding back a smile.
"You lieing"i say playfully.
"I'm not"she says giggling.
I begin to tickle her and she squils with laughter.Jamie then walks into the room smiling.I lay Sophie on the bed and run towards Jamie.He laughs dropping his rabbit taddy and run away from me.
I run around chasing him and Sophie joins in running beside her brother.I chase them both as they laugh after a minute i catch them both and they both squil.They both sit in my still laughing they hug me.I laugh too becouse i had fun aswell.
I look at my door and see my sister standing at the door smiling as she sees us hugging.
"Come downstairs kids for breakfast"she says then leaves.
Jamie stands up and runs away Sophie then stands up too.She kisses me on the cheak and gives me a quick hug around the neck.She picks up her teddy bear and runs away.
I stand up and i make my bed i then put my ipod in the draw in my bed.I take my clothes from the chair in the corner of the room and quickly get dressed.I comb my and tie it i grab my jacket and put my ipod in my pocket then go downstairs.
When i get downstairs Cathy is cooking pancakes happily.When we were growing up Cathy was always the girly one.She loved to cook and do girly stuff she also was never afraid to show her fellings.
I am the total opposite.I am like a child i like play, music, danger and excitment.When i was sixteen i stoped showing emotion that was when i was dating my ex.Me and my mother stoped getting along.She always said he was trouble i did not want to listen.It was last year when he started hitting me the only emotion i show is joy.To be honest i am scared of being vunrable so i learned to keep to myself.
When i am done my breakfast i put in my headphones and go for a walk.I find a quiet area , sit down and sing.