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(This is something I will attach to my profile and try to keep updated. Bolded the info just for you lazies XD Also, Im doing this cause I didnt have inspiration for a Just Me article. This took/takes much longer anyways)

Name: Like in my original information article, I dont share my irl name with everyone. Riku works just fine though. BUT! If you like here is a list of 'names'/nicknames/usernames I have claimed. Rikushi, Rikuzan, Homra Prince, Organizer of RPs, Commander of the BVB Army, ~RikuTheResurrectedLucifer~, TheBallofFluff, RikuTheNewLucifer, KingOfTheForgotten, FeridTheSassyGayFriend,...
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    You lived a normal life. You lived as a normal person. You lived happily, or maybe you didn’t, though in the end, you weren’t special. You weren’t a demon in disguise, a caped hero that had come to save the day, a fair maiden in need of help, a spirit haunting the living. You were a normal human with a normal life. At least that’s what you believe as of now; after all, now it’s all in haze.

    This land, where are you? It’s all strange and everything, actually now that you mention it, it does kind of look like a dream....
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