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Just Shut Up and Listen  Riku114 63 6247 9 months ago
The Barracks (Or really single guest room for anyone else)  Riku114 51 4344 11 months ago
Kuroko no Basket Discussion Forum  Riku114 4 495 11 months ago
Share a Quote!  Riku114 134 6787 over a year ago
Streaming Update Forum  Riku114 14 929 over a year ago
Redacted / Unpolished Mental Health Writings and Other Stuff for Open Discussion  Riku114 2 373 over a year ago
Random Hakuoki Screenshots w/ 8theGreat  Riku114 23 620 over a year ago
Just a Forum  Riku114 1 1209 over a year ago
Medaka Box Discussion Forum  Riku114 5 431 over a year ago
MBTI and Characters Discussion Forum  Riku114 1 551 over a year ago
Post pictures/videos of people/characters/things and Ill rate them on their attractiveness  Riku114 93 2624 over a year ago
Danganronpa Discussion Forum **SPOILERS**  Riku114 73 4271 over a year ago
Riku's Confessional  Riku114 5 489 over a year ago
Riku's Dream Journal  Riku114 8 1606 over a year ago
The Hall of Derp  Riku114 113 8785 over a year ago
Classroom #114: Riku101 Game  Riku114 5 1556 over a year ago
Riku's Bedroom  Riku114 10 673 over a year ago
Wanta's Guest Room  Riku114 3 671 over a year ago
The Backyard + Garden  Riku114 5 855 over a year ago
The Kitchen + Dining Room  Riku114 6 977 over a year ago
The Bathroom  Riku114 9 552 over a year ago
The Living Room  Riku114 14 1222 over a year ago
The Party Hall  Riku114 7 732 over a year ago
Collarbone Closet  Riku114 30 2989 over a year ago
K Project Discussion Forum  Riku114 139 3417 over a year ago
Anime  Heartbeat- 8 1038 over a year ago
Kagerou Project Discussion Forum!  Riku114 1 611 over a year ago
Share Your Characters Here (For All Those Planning to be Writers)  Riku114 2 427 over a year ago
Hi, Riku!  wantadog 2 427 over a year ago
"Work stuff"  wantadog 11 793 over a year ago
Possible Danganronpa Project Forum  Riku114 3 915 over a year ago
Character / Show Appreciation  Riku114 6 1037 over a year ago
Club Ideas?  Riku114 0 549 over a year ago
Life Stats Octagon Forum  Riku114 6 854 over a year ago
Pokemon Runs' Original Trainer Cards  Riku114 4 1343 over a year ago
don't just sit there - do something! xD  Lelouchx 38 3660 over a year ago
Word Ladder.  wantadog 0 1404 over a year ago
Random Chat Forum  Riku114 1 855 over a year ago
Never Have I Ever Forum  Riku114 0 732 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN :D  Riku114 9 1464 over a year ago
Random AF Party Games  wantadog 6 793 over a year ago
JiKook AU (..?)  Riku114 1 794 over a year ago
Guess Who  wantadog 0 427 over a year ago
NO POSTS PLEASE! Just to make a character count.  Riku114 60 3831 over a year ago
I Make Banners/Icons  Riku114 0 1123 over a year ago
Favorite Personal RP Characters ~ SPOILERS AVAILIBLE ~  Riku114 0 707 over a year ago