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Riku114 said …
"Riku isnt going to be happy and excited about it either way. Shes just not a joyous type of person."

Me: Wow I sound like a really depressing person. I mean its true given the exception of people who Im really close with and my life online. Posted 1 hour ago
Riku114 commented…
Im not even offended tho XD Its way too true. Im constantly indifferent, passively positive, or cold towards topics irl to most people other than those REALLY close to me and online 1 hour ago
Riku114 commented…
Most you get is "Oh cool" or "Sweet" or "Oh really?" XD Rarely I do get really excited tho if someone asks me something Im strongly interested in 1 hour ago
Riku114 said …
Great thing about being dissociative is being able to completely cut off any distressed part of yourself and let yourself be indifferent psycho demented bitch instead of depressive stressed broken child until you find a nice medium ground of everything being stuffed away

Best thing about showers is you can go through persona / mood shifts like that with no one knowing Posted 1 hour ago
Riku114 commented…
By no means healthy or anything and 10/10 do not recommend 1 hour ago
Riku114 commented…
But its good for salvaging your only day off and good for making it so that you arent bothered by your family doing their usual disregard of you. 1 hour ago
Riku114 said …
Im partly tempted to like.... make a pokemon background just because of how much material the Pokemon offers me. Posted 3 hours ago