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posted by Flana_2
"How did you find him?" Sam asked, looking at his father then back to Quorra.
She stood up, trying to avoid the question and started to walk away.
"Its Okay" Sam said behind her, "I know." She sighed and looked back to him in a panic, then back to the stars, begining her story.
"It was during the perge. Clu was relentless. Black guards were executing Isos in the streets. Everyone I knew, disappeared. Then they came for me.. So I ran. Some less sympathetic programs smuggled me out of the city, and soon they had me surrounded. I prepared for the end.... Then just as everything was going dark.. I felt a hand on my shoulder.." Sam had now walked up next to her and looked at her in awe, then back at his father who meditated, or 'knocking on the sky' as Kevin called it.
Quorra grined, :"... And when I opened my eyes.. Standing above me.. Was the creator. Your father. He saved me.... I guess you could say I was a rescue".
"Wow" Sam breathed, then smiled at her lovingly.
posted by Mel4ever
[from the trailer]
Quorra: Your father was the creator.
Sam Flynn: Where do I find him?
Quorra: Make it there alive. And he'll find you.

Quorra: [Quorra is showing Sam the book collection] Just between you and me, Jules Verne is my favorite. Do you know Jules Verne?
Sam Flynn: Sure.
Quorra: What's he like?

[last line]
Quorra: What's next Sam?
Sam Flynn: Guess we're suppose to change the world.
Sam Flynn: Come on, I want to show you something.
[boards motorcycle]

Quorra: [talking to Sam, in Flynn's guest room at his safehouse] There's someone I once knew. A program named Zeus, who fought alongside the ISOs....
continue reading...
Prior to the conflict between the Basics and ISOs, Quorra was friends with Radia. She witnessed Clu's betrayal when he attempted to kill Tron and Flynn, and when Clu declared war, she - with the help of a prototype security program named System Monitor - attempted to warn Radia and the ISO's about him as well as combat the viral program Abraxas. After the purge, she attempted to kill Clu but was rescued by System Monitor and they escaped using a Recognizer. However, the Recognizer crashed and only Quorra survived, leaving her stranded in the Outlands. With her energy depleted, she collapsed as her systems began shutting down, only to be saved by Flynn at the last moment.

I sure didnt know any of that. I bet some of you like Quorra better now hu?
Ive always been a loyal fan of hers, even before I knew some of this stuff