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sonicmc24 said …
im thinking of ginji right now. Posted over a year ago
big smile
celeste0502 said …
i love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Posted over a year ago
Lennys_Girl commented…
me too! I have every single version. f it and beat them all! even the new one! over a year ago
Lennys_Girl commented…
I meant I have every single version of it and I beat them all. gosh.. stupid autocorrect.... over a year ago
Advance-Artist commented…
You guys have got to check out this video I posted on the pokemon fan club. Look up Pokemon Guardians of light! :D over a year ago
Takaio said …
have one of you played pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky Posted over a year ago
EeveeOak500 commented…
love it over a year ago
Lennys_Girl commented…
best version. because you get to be eevee again. over a year ago
sonicmc24 commented…
explorers of sky= shaymin. over a year ago