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okay... i have time on my hands >_< i type in "penguins of madagascar lady gaga" and i get this odd video!!!! O_O even though i did laugh '.' (i have ahsamed myself.. *runs*)
penguins of madagascar
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Hi! I know I haven't been active here for a while, I was caught up in things. Doubt anyone remembers me, but I have written many fan fictions. And then the movie came out and ruined some of my fan fictions. In a good way.

So I was reading up about the movie, and I found something saying that the movie and the show where set in parallel universes. I was surprised so I wrote something down about it. And some more. And ended up writing this about the penguins and alternate realities.

Sorry if I get off topic, I was literally just talking and Siri was writing it down. So here we go!

The Penguins...
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