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My Trip To Wilmington!
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One of my trips to Wilmington NC, where they film OTH! Different filming locations that we managed to find around the town, and some of the cast that we got to see filming! (older, season 6 filming)
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on set
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This One Tree Hill photo might contain front porch, mobile home, and manufactured home.

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I decided to make an article instead of a post because I have a lot to say and don't want to be criticized for making an entirely too long post. SO anyways I was thinking the other day about all the great moments this show has had over the years. I have been a true fan since the beginning when I first heard about the show from Hilarie who was a VJ on MTV at the time and was plugging her new show on the WB. I can't list my favorite scene because there have been SO many that I've loved in their own way and for different reasons so I have decided to break it down by category and then list my top...
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