One Tree Hill Made Into My Life. (I'm Peyton)

sydneybreon21 posted on May 30, 2011 at 02:02AM
Nathan and Peyton used to be best friends. Altough Nathan felt more for Peyton. She knew how he felt, but he had never admitted it. There friendship was slowly falling appart.
Peyton was a few grades ahead of Nathan, and was headed to high school, and leaving Nathan behind. Nathan was upset about this, and Peyton tried to get through to him that nothing was going to change between them even if she had new friends. But in all reality they were drifting appart. Peyton had become really close to a new friend Jake and Nathan swore there was something going on between them, even though there really wasnt. Jake and Nathan started this feud. There hatred for each other went on forever, until one day at a friends funeral Nathan finally admitted his true feeling for Peyton.
Nathan was about to leave and he went to hug Peyton he whispered softly under his breath into her ear that he loved her. She had heard exactly what he said and she knew that, that wasnt just a friend I love you. After they hugged he turned and left, but Peyton didn't say anything back. After that things got confusing to her, she finally realized that she also loved Nathan too.
Eventhough she knew they both had the same feelings she waited for Nathan to mention it again, but he never did, so neither did she. There unspoken love for one another was not mentioned again until Nathan finally joined her in high school. Peyton couldn't stand it anymore and finally fessed up to her feelings to Nathan, but to her surprise Nathan had finally decided to move on. Peyton was crused beyond repair, or so she thought. During all her sadness a new friend she had meet this school year, Lucas had come to her rescue. He made her laugh, and gave her that certain feeling that everything was going to be okay.
Her friend Brooke worned her about Lucas and really tried to get her to stay away from Lucas because he was known as a player. Peyton couldn't get away from Lucas's charm. He could make her smile like no one else could. Peyton couldn't believe someone was actually making her feel this way after what happened with Nathan.
Things were going great with Peyton and Lucas other than he wouldn't make a commitment to her. She thought maybe it was that he was just shy about it. It turns out though after he was making her feel so good and making her think there was something between them, he went and got a girlfriend. Peyton was devastated and thought all was lost. Brooke told he she knew this was going to happen and that she should let Lucas go. Peyton being the stubborn person she is refused. She knew that there was something special between them that she couldn't explain. Soon Lucas and his girlfriend were over, and him and Peyton went back to how they were in the first place, until something unexpected happened. Nathan Came back in the picture he had finally let go of his girl friend and peyton was once again want him, but she also wanted Lucas too. Now she had to choose between two people she cared deeply for. She has spent time with each of them to help her situation while things to get better between her and Lucas, things between her and Nathan are awkward and lack communication and she don't know who to choose.
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over a year ago sydneybreon21 said…
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How should this end? Who should peyton choose to be with? Leave a comment and give your honest opinion please.
over a year ago sydneybreon21 said…
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