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puloobestreet posted on Nov 20, 2010 at 01:36AM
I wish too much haha. so for some weird reason I was hoping luke & peyton would show up for thanksgiving. can't chad and hilarie come back for at least one more episode? I miss them so much it's crazy. and I wasn't expecting quinn to be spying on that psycho girl. I was thinking that she cheated on clay or something now that would've been a lot more interesting

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over a year ago Shiningsapphire said…
I know what you mean i was waiting for Lucas and Peyton to show up with baby Sawyer, but i kinda knew it wasn't going to happen. i think they will come back for the season finale to close the series of OTH forever because you can't close a series like this without having all the main 5 characters that would be TV suicide!! LOL

When Brooke & Julian get married there will be Lucas and Peyton stood with Haley and Nathan looking proud of B. Davis.

As for Quinn how could you not guess that she was going after Katie when clay says that the trip was extended i thought that was obvious, she wouldn't be cheating on clay NOOOOO WAY she loves him far too much to hurt him like that and after all they have been through far too much together for her to cheat on him.

i enjoy the episode its the first time OTH has actually done a holiday episode and i thought it was nice to have a relaxed time with an added drop of drama from Alex and MIa ... Good Times.