One Tree Hill What was your favorite and least favorite thing about the OTH finale?

alemenmann posted on Apr 07, 2012 at 08:04PM
Favorite: Naley´s rain kiss
Least favorite: julian in the high school years (i know it was not THE final episode but still... i thought it was really forced)

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over a year ago sxalfnrsa said…
Favorite---everyone at karen´s cafe
Least favorite--- quoin and clay´s "wedding"
over a year ago saramanusson said…
Favorite: Clay & Quinn and their family with Logan. And him calling them mom and dad, cutest thing ever. <3

Least favorite: The 5 years skip to Jamie in high school. They should have just ended it at Karen's, it was perfect like that. The high school thing just kinda ruined everything for me. I went from being perfect to a bunch of thing annoying me.