One Tree Hill OTH Last Iconmaker Standing [ Round 7-Life In A Glass House ~ OPEN ]

KaterinoulaLove posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 10:54AM
Welcome to the One Tree Hill LIMS
...inspired by link [ aka House_Anatomy] Charmed LIMS

So this competition is pretty interesting && I hope you all have fun!

Every 3 days or so ~ I say "or so", because I will try to coordinate this thingy with the link - so that you can make icons here while the Icon Competition pick is up ~ I will post 3 One Tree Hill Screencaps and the people who take part in this, will choose one of these and submit 1 icon.

When the deadline is over, a pick will go up and fans will vote for the icons they like best. The icon maker's icon with the least votes for that round will be eliminated until 1 person is left ~ the winner :D

RULES~taken from the Charmed LIMS - I hope Seph doesn't mind , since she got them from the Stock/Fashion LIMS XD
- The entries must be your own work
- Everyone gets 1 skip [*], that means you can miss 1 round without getting eliminated!
-You must make the deadline set for the round otherwise you will be automatically eliminated.
(except for when you still have your skip)
-You must follow the rules for the round which will be posted under each topic
- Your icon must be between 100x100 & 200x200
- Your icon must be made from 1 of the screencaps
- You may only submit 1 icon
- You may NOT use combinations of the Screencaps // choose only 1 image!
- You absolutely can NOT ask others to vote for your icon and you can not link others to the pick hinting to them they should vote for YOUR icon. Anything like that will get you kicked out.

One Tree Hill LIMS 1
~ sign up now~
I will make a pick warning you that you have ONLY 3 days to sign up !Otherwise you have to wait until the first season is OVER which means 22 rounds//episodes

~link* ~OUT {link}
~link* ~OUT {link}
~link~OUT {link}
~link* ~OUT {link}
~link {OUT for not submitting icon }
~link{OUT for not submitting icon }
~link {OUT -for not submitting icon }
~link {OUT- for not submitting icon }
~link{OUT for not submitting icon }
~link* ~OUT {link}
~link* ~OUT {link}

For upcoming Seasons
~ link*
~ link*

Deadline: 25th of October
link -Brooke
link -Leyton
link -Lucas & Haley

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