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Season Eight  Shiningsapphire 0 826 over a year ago
Lucas and Peyton's Story...  abs07 9 22472 over a year ago
One Tree Hill in the negatives for the Best TV Drama???  memesization 0 417 over a year ago
The "Ultimate" Contest  Team_Brooke 34 3221 over a year ago
Will there be a season 8 for OTH?  OTH_1988_fan 135 121945 over a year ago
Thoughts of season 7 finale  Drisina 2 612 over a year ago
oth vending machine game  bellywalks_2007 162 5271 over a year ago
onetreehill.isgreat  OTHisgreat 0 515 over a year ago
One Tree Hill Icon Contest [Closed. See version 2.0]  swimchick 242 10501 over a year ago
OTH & Twitter  Rolemodel2011 36 1477 over a year ago
songs from one tree hill  BrookeYourself 1 764 over a year ago
OTH Picture hunt game  dermer4ever 44 15097 over a year ago
Which colleges did they attend?  sb631 0 403 over a year ago
Prettiest Girl Elimination  dermer4ever 859 20061 over a year ago
Jeyton fans, Show the Fanpop world who you are! ♥  kristine95 344 9468 over a year ago
One Tree Hill Lovers Thread.  brattynemz 781 17877 over a year ago
the name game  dermer4ever 15 1721 over a year ago
Let's bring Lucas and Peyton back  Gigula 1 725 over a year ago
OTH QUOTE GAME  jenniferm 419 21476 over a year ago
OTH Quote Contest [ROUND 7] / ON PAUSE.  Jessica4695 102 5376 over a year ago
Guess who? One Tree Hill Style!!  Naleyluv23 9 1085 over a year ago
Besides OneTreeHill, what are some of your other fav TV shows?  OTH_1988_fan 11 1354 over a year ago
Brase vs. Brulian  OTH_1988_fan 15 895 over a year ago
Season 8 Wish List !  Team_Brooke 9 1147 over a year ago
Music Game  inespinto 37 2341 over a year ago
OTH Songs!  oth_leyton_tla 0 408 over a year ago
True OTh fans who do not wish the show to end come  Melissa1978 2 442 over a year ago
One Tree Hill Books  amandaj 10 9523 over a year ago
One Tree Hill PopQuiz  BrookeYourself 7 918 over a year ago
where our dreams comes true :)  elinochka 10 597 over a year ago
A question about Peyton's leg...  mollyx365 3 7537 over a year ago
Would You Rather  dermer4ever 44 1518 over a year ago
5.15 I can't believe Mark Schwann let this one fly!  Jad555 4 484 over a year ago
VS. game  Tinna 742 19793 over a year ago
song?  puloobestreet 1 540 over a year ago
One Tree Hill Trivia Game  dermer4ever 20 1189 over a year ago
One tree hill hangman  addiee 127 4085 over a year ago
One Tree Hill made me a dork!!  Saul_Mikoliunas 10 857 over a year ago
Coda Question  dermer4ever 3 602 over a year ago
OTH image caption game  livelovelaugh 4 1383 over a year ago
Who Said....Who Did  superstar_kk 74 3060 over a year ago
okay I'm confused  puloobestreet 2 703 over a year ago
Guess the quote game..  cissy121 395 11792 over a year ago
banner  tmenne23 2 581 over a year ago
What was the first OTH episode you ever saw?  lizisme 41 2302 over a year ago
One Tree Hill, the story  HaleyDewit 6 2409 over a year ago
Love One Tree Hill? Watch The Lake!  gossipgirly89 1 1576 over a year ago
What TV series should I start watching online?  antony123 8 1958 over a year ago
Help about party/present  kingjoe2711 1 1356 over a year ago
The Ultimate One Tree Hill fun Contest(extension) PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT DAYS WORK FOR YOU!  brucas4ever 63 2408 over a year ago
Mr. and Ms. Tree Hill  Stefy 13 1535 over a year ago
One Tree Hill Fanatics  georgiapeach91 37 1865 over a year ago
Where can i watch full episodes online?  Lindarose 1 921 over a year ago
Anyone else super-excited about Jan.18?  OTH_1988_fan 1 306 over a year ago
What did you think of the episode that aired 1/18/2010?  OTH_1988_fan 1 422 over a year ago
OTH Style  Clemclem33 1 366 over a year ago
b davis magazine  tmenne23 0 2712 over a year ago
Clay & Sara  AMYonetreehill 1 418 over a year ago
Season 5 Survey  dermer4ever 20 2326 over a year ago
peyton's dad  tmenne23 1 91925 over a year ago
Art Challenge info. [Challenge 4 voting // Challenge 5 open]  xoheartinohioxo 104 4379 over a year ago
Tree Hill News  BethlovesOTH 3 469 over a year ago
Tree Hill News  BethlovesOTH 0 462 over a year ago
New Spot Icon Submissions =)  othobsessed92 10 781 over a year ago
Banner & Icon  monLOVEbrucas 88 4631 over a year ago
The Story Game  inespinto 135 6189 over a year ago
Leyton Baby Name Game  Leyton4ever 14 1243 over a year ago
Does anyone miss the "high school" OTH?  OTH_1988_fan 5 824 over a year ago
Why the Hell do some of my Picks get Deleted?  J-C 1 646 over a year ago
Last Monday's episode was incredible!  OTH_1988_fan 0 423 over a year ago
whats this shpw about any way  bee--123 14 927 over a year ago
One Tree Hill fanatics?  othfan_92_b 5 642 over a year ago
write down the best quote u think in One Tree Hill  dansingle4ver 2 1383 over a year ago
Guess that OTH character!  girly_girl 376 9714 over a year ago
Brooke needs her own man  puloobestreet 3 808 over a year ago
How come there are no discussions about the actual OTH episodes?!?!  OTH_1988_fan 0 471 over a year ago
Rate Each Season  J-C 1 585 over a year ago
Season 4 Episodes  wailuku 8 2386 over a year ago
One Tree Hill FOTM Nominations  othobsessed92 1 513 over a year ago
Who wants Brooke to be pregnant with Julian's baby?  OTH_1988_fan 7 2506 over a year ago
Is Julian gonna propose?!  xratedcupcake 1 610 over a year ago
Your thoughts on Leyton not being on the show anymore...  OTH_1988_fan 5 435 over a year ago
Top 10 BEST episodes '03-present :o)  ahall1130 1 537 over a year ago
anyone know where you can watch 3x18?  applepie13 1 768 over a year ago
why doesn't anyone like Julian?????  kittykelly 5 751 over a year ago
Re-do spot banner and icon  dermer4ever 23 1692 over a year ago
SwagVault Supplies Aion Kina (Gold) Right Now!  armorfans 2 989 over a year ago
About the banner/icon change  backtoblack 23 1340 over a year ago
Leyton Fanfiction!!!  Leytonfan4ever 6 5782 over a year ago
new spot banner and icon  backtoblack 76 2775 over a year ago
In one tree hill who owned the basketball top number 12?  antony123 1 16848 over a year ago
One Tree Hill  hto112 4 1936 over a year ago
One Word to describe Brucas, Naley, Jeyton and Leyton  dermer4ever 87 4745 over a year ago
One tree hill question about the actors and actresses?  antony123 1 1179 over a year ago
Do you know who is coming back for the seventh season of One Tree Hill?  heavenknow 1 1490 over a year ago
Your Opinion on Repeats  vbchick21 3 813 over a year ago
oth couples contest CLOSED!!!!!  livelovelaugh 27 1702 over a year ago
Graphics Contest [Round 6 - spot banner]  Olivine 150 6851 over a year ago
peytons comet  acmelight 0 1375 over a year ago
Countdown to 11 000 !  -carola-fan- 9 1030 over a year ago