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posted by Albiee
3.01 || Like You Like An Arsonist

Lucas: So, the whole summer and I still can't get used to that hair of yours.
Peyton: What? You did yours last spring and mine actually looks good.
Lucas: Hey!

Haley: Nathan, there wasn't a moment that my heart wasn't in Tree Hill.
Nathan: Unlike you I'm leaving and taking my heart with me.

Lucas: Went to the airport this morning to pick up my mom and poof, there was Brooke.
Peyton: Poof?
Lucas: Poof.

Haley: I understand if you don't love me anymore.
Nathan: Always and forever. That's what sucks, Haley. I still do love you. I always will. I just can't trust you....
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posted by Albiee
2.01 || The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Haley: Hi. I had the strangest dream; I dreamt we actually got married yesterday.
Nathan: That's weird... I had the same dream.

Nathan: So I'll say it again... I could love you forever.
Haley: Nathan, so could I.
Nathan: So, why cant forever start today?

Haley: Stop it.
Nathan: What?
Haley: You're embarrassing me.
Nathan: Why not?
Haley: Because we're in High School.
Nathan: So what, I'm emancipated.
Haley: Is this about sex, because I want to wait.
Nathan: No I can see you caved in on that one already.
Haley: Well maybe so ... Nathan, couples don't get married in...
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posted by Albiee
1.01 || Pilot:

Lucas: (voiceover) There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune but omitted, and the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and mesires. On such a full sea are we now afloat and we must take the current when it serves or lose the ventures before us.

Lucas: You ever have something that you knew that you were better at than... almost anybody else?
Peyton: Sex. (pauses) Joke.

Peyton: So, what did you bet?
Lucas: I win, Nathan stays on the team.
Peyton: Why?
Lucas: Because it's the last thing he wants. And anyway, it's not about him.

Dan: I'm...
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First of all,i know all of you are sick of the whole leyton vs. brucas thing. so i'm sorry for this,but i want to share my opinion with all of you.

putting all the verey obvice aside, you know they have no couple chemistrey, they look like brother & sister, and all the other well known reasons.

the ultimate reason why i can't accept them as is that lucas was crazy about brooke from the beging of season 2 throught the middel of season 4, all he ever wanted was brooke, even she broke up with him he wanted her and he went after her. he always said that he she's his distney the person he wanted...
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OK so something weird is happening on "One Tree Hill" — for some reason Sophia Bush's character, Brooke Davis, is slowly morphing into "The Office" boss Michael Scott. Sure, it's hard (that's what she said!) for anyone to top Steve Carell's amazing delivery of his now infamous "that's what she said" jokes on the NBC sitcom, but Sophia is slowly coming close (that's what she said!) on "One Tree Hill."

For the past two episodes Brooke has, in our humble opinion, made some pretty funny "TWSS" jokes. In fact, they are dirtier than most we'd hear on "The Office." Did you guys catch the one from...
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Brooke:”We are going to be a power couple! He is going to be a famous novelist, and I’m going to have a fabulous fashion line.”
Lucas:”But we are still going to have time to have a big family
Brooke:”Two boys, and a girl”
Lucas:”And I’ll coach little league”
Brooke:”Uu! And I’ll bake treats for the team, or buy them.”
Lucas:”And we will spend our summer in our beach house.”
Brooke:”And winter in the southern France”
Lucas: “It won’t matter where we are, as long as we are together”

Brooke: “Isn’t that the thing couples talk about?”
Lucas: “So, what are...
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When the locally filmed drama series “One Tree Hill” returns Monday night, the seven-year-old show will once again jump ahead in time – this time just 14 months. It’s a move that series creator Mark Schwahn hopes will help fans mourning the loss of series regulars Chad Michael Murray as Lucas and Hilarie Burton as Peyton to accA time jump worked before: Season five began four years after the end of season four, as all the regular characters returned to the fictional town of Tree Hill after going their separate ways for college.

So is this season sort of a season five redux?

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In just two seasons, Lisa Goldstein went from new girl on the block to a full-fledged member of One Tree Hill. Now, as she embarks on her third season, Goldstein discusses adjusting to fame, what she has in common with the quirky yet lovable Millicent Huxtable and why she’s in agreement with co-star Lee Norris.

TeenDramaWhore: Pre-One Tree Hill, you primarily appeared in musicals. What made you switch to TV?

Lisa Goldstein: I never really decided to “make the switch.” I have a degree in musical theatre and that is the genre I kept getting cast in. I freelanced with television and film...
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Kate Voegele wants to be friends with her fans.

The pop-rock musician and "One Tree Hill" actress, 22, keeps them up-to-date via the Web. She has a MySpace page (Interscope's MySpace Records released her CD "A Fine Mess," in May) and maintains a blog at And on Twitter, she relates to fans more like a person than a product.

One tweet reads: "Annapolis is one of my new favorite cities EVER...had some serious crabcakes and ice cream last night." Voegele performs Friday night at Rash Field with Uncle Kracker and Bel Air native Julienne Irwin, 16, an "America's Got Talent" finalist....
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He was the eye-candy boy toy of a Manhattan publishing superwoman on “Lipstick Jungle.” He was the eye-candy magazine editor to a wannabe writer on “Privileged.” Now, Robert Buckley joins the cast of “One Tree Hill” as the eye-candy friend and agent of James Lafferty’s Nathan Scott.

I caught up with Buckley at the TV Critics Association summer press tour with show creator Mark Schwahn, new cast member Shantel VanSanten, and actors Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush.

Buckley talked about how he’s enjoying life in Wilmington. He says he’s definitely a beach guy and might move near...
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posted by peytonsawyer009
On the series, which enters its seventh season this fall, Buckley will play Clayton, a brash young sports agent who represents Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) and has become a close friend, ally, business partner and advisor to him while also enjoying the spoils that come from being a wealthy, handsome single guy.

Brian Austin Green was in talks for the role early on, but a deal couldn't be reached.

For Buckley, the casting stems from a talent holding deal he has with "OTH" producer Warner Bros. TV. This past season, he did an arc on another CW/WBTV series, "Privileged."

The upcoming seventh season...
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"Naley's Rain Scene...made me believe in Naley even more."
"Naley's Rain Scene...made me believe in Naley even more."
So this is the Naley fan of the month interview with Sabina! I love her and she totally deserves this! it was so fun doing this!

A Message From Sabina:First of all I would like to thank all of you who voted for me in the Naley FOTM pick. The nomination itself was a big surprise to me (tnx again Kelsie), because I know that your first thought is not she is a Naley fan but she is mostly a Peyton/Leyton fan.
But I love Naley and I am happy others see that too.

So let's get started!!!

1. Ok let’s warm up, why do you like Naley?
I like the love that is between Naley. Pure, ready to conquer all obstacles...
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okay first off this is my OPINION so if you don't agree, im not gonna change my mind.. please don't attack me,

Okay wtf happened to oth? it used to be this amazing story. now it's like a bunch of crappy scenes thrown together!

if you don't like this! don't comment! please please please don't try and start another fight it's just my OPINION!!!!!
1st there is no brucas.
2nd there is barely any naley
3rd the whole show turned into a peytons tree hill..
has Mark ever thought about any other fans besides lpers
he is destroying any and every character, he is sending a message out that says if you...
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posted by azn_kiddo
It opens with Hilarie coming out on stage at the concert. She introduces Haley. Haley comes out and freezes on stage. You see her wake up from a nightmare in her room.
Brooke goes to her fridge and gets out some water. She sees Sam at the table. She has made breakfast and is waiting with a smile.
Millie comes in with a bag to Mouth’s room and Gigi is sleeping in his bed. Mouth is on the couch sleeping. Millie still seems upset and leaves.
Nathan comes in in a wheelchair and teases Haley. He said the doctor said he’s fine. She tells him about her nightmare of forgetting her words. Nathan says...
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posted by PurpleMonkey82
"I love the highschool years."
"I love the highschool years."
Congrats Jess, on winning FOTM!
This interview was a lot of fun to make & I hope you enjoyed it too. You really deserve this!
Ok, so lets get on with the interview!

1. Introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well , I'm Jess. 15 years old,from Germany.My favorite shows are OTH,TVD & SPN.
My biggest hobby is to make videos,but also meet up with my friends & make pictures & work with photoshop & I love to sleep...

2. When did you first get into One Tree Hill, do you like it, hate it even?
Some years ago, I don't really remember when to be honest & the first scene...
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Nathan sighed, tossing the ball up in the air, not surprised as it swished through the hoop. His eyes moved over towards Jake and Haley, who were talking softly to each other, and laughing at something the other would say.

He’d always liked Haley. It had started long before he could even remember. Well, actually he could. All through elementary they’d been good friends. It was expected, because they always hung out.

But during eighth grade, she’d completely changed. Not they way she acted, but the way she looked. She had gone from pretty to absolutely beautiful over the summer. Her hair,...
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3."Sometimes I wonder if anything is absolute anymore. Is there still right and wrong? Good and bad? Truth and lies? Or is everything negotiable, left to interpretation, gray? Sometimes were forced to bend the truth? to transform it because we are faced with things that are not of our own making. And sometimes, things simply catch up with us."
[Lucas Scott, 4.18 The Runaway Found]

2."You ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you, how many moments of other peoples lives have we been in, we're we a part of...
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posted by mcewen_girl
Ok first just let me say Amy totally deserves this!! And she has some AWESOME answers!!

1.) I'll start with an easy one, how high is Naley on your favorite couples list?
OMG they are totally my favourite in the world! I love them so much!

2.)When the series first started airing did you ever consider Naley as an option for a future couple, if so why?
Well I was one of the people who started watching oth from the beginning, so I didn’t know ANYTHING! [like some people started watching a year or two ago so they knew some things from fanpop or tv ads and websites etc…]
BUT ANYWAY! I knew nothing....
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posted by wings1203
When keith is showing Lucas how Brooke's life would've been if he would have been a more selfish person, brooke is seen at Peyton's head stone which dates that she died in March 1 of their senior year. However, wouldn't that only make Haley's pregnancy 3 months long? For some reason this bothers me. Also, the head stone shows that Peyton's birthdate is July 12 1988, making her 18 at the time of the shooting, but turning 19 that July. How many people do you know that turn 19 right after they graduate high school?
"White Collar" star Hilarie Burton may love her role on the USA series, but she still feels nostalgic for her "One Tree Hill" days.

"We were kids when we started," she told TV Guide of "One Tree Hill." "And now it's just this warm feeling of, 'You're the only other person on the planet that knows what it's like to go through that. I miss Chad."

Luckily, Burton has a new on-screen love interest on "White Collar" to tide her over: Matt Bomer. "Matt has been a wonderful second chapter for me because Chad and I had done everything together until I was 27 years old, and that was a lot of work. So...
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