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Here's my awesome interview with Cat! She's amazing and totally deserved to win Naley FOTM! So congrats hun! You're amazing! And I love all of your answers!
Btw, sorry this was a little late =]


1) Okay, lets start out with an easy one. Out of all the shows you watch, is Naley your favorite couple?

Yea, for sure. <33 But I have two favorite couples, Naley and Brucas. I can’t really choose between them, they are my first favorite couple. xP I have other couples that I love from other shows, but nothing compares to Brucanaley. <33 LOL, I totally ship this couple. xD

2) What is...
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"they definitely show you what true love really is"
"they definitely show you what true love really is"
First of all, congrats to Emily! I've known her for like a year now and I know how much she loves Naley and how dedicated she is to enjoy your status of FOTM Em cuz you deserve it!

And now on with the questions:

1. Why does Naley mean so much to you?

Naley means so much to me because of their love for each other as well as their friendship. They are always there for each other and support one another’s dreams which is so important to me. Their love is one of the purest I've ever seen! No matter what they stick together and never give up of their relationship. They can teach you...
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DECISIONS PLAGUE TREE HILL — Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Julian (guest star Austin Nichols) struggle to choose a director for their movie while Peyton (Hilarie Burton) has mixed feelings about a surprise gift from Lucas, and Brooke (Sophia Bush) struggles with relationship issues. Bethany Joy Galeotti, Lee Norris, Antwon Tanner also star. Les Butler directed the episode written by John Norris.

- Brooke is doing the costumes for Luke’s movie.
- Dixon (James Van Der Beek) will be in this episode. credit: FF


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posted by MissSawyer
When Season 4 starts, it is discovered that Peyton has a half-brother named Derek and from there it gets
complicated. Mostly because Lucas over time gets paranoid about Derek and has hunches that something isn't right. This leads him to find a girl in a hospital with a wig and outfit that is identical to Peyton and the missing jacket from Tric that is Ellie's. Lucas further investigates causing a slight tiff with Peyton over how paranoid he is, but this leads to him being right; her brother wasn't her brother, but an imposter who was obssessed with her from her podcasts. But her real brother...
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Kay, I know, she didn't win, but everyone thought she had one before, and it turns out she hasn't. Can't think of anyone who is a bigger LP fan, just check her contributions, so I think she deserved this interview more than anyone ;]

SO, you've never won before? Message to the voters? ;]
I cannot even begin to grasp how I`ve never won this. I am the biggest Leyton fan in the universe. I eat, sleep and breathe Leyton. It`s borderline unhealthy how obsessed I am with them. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for never making me fan of the month. I should be fan of the fucking year.

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Mr. and Mrs. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Scott
I`m conducting this interview on behalf of Steph (tvfan5) because she is too overwhelmed with school to do it herself.

Okedoke =] Let's do this shiz. (warning, this may contain satire, sarcasm and general humour)

That`s me inside your head
That`s me inside your head
1. Why are you a Leyton fan?
Hmmm... I'd have to say because they rock out loud as far as couples to. I have a thing for angst and LP own in that section! Plus I love the fact that Lucas had the biggest crush on her for years. They're just so open and honest with eachother! They don't need no big fancy speeches or gesutures. They're happy with just eachother...
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Why rate this low? It's beautifully made!
Why rate this low? It's beautifully made!
I'm not one to hide my opinion on near about anything. Sometimes it causes me some trouble, other times it gets the job done. Hopefully this article will be the latter.

I've been submitting some art today, a good bit of it so far has been Peyton/Leyton. While Leyton may not be my favorite couple, and Peyton isn't always my favorite character, but good art is good art! So imagine my surprise when not just my Hilarie/Peyton art is rated a mere 1, but every piece of Peyton/Leyton art i submit.

At first i thought maybe it was just someone being stupid because they don't like me or something dumb...
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Ok i have noticed in the last few days and weeks that their has been a lot more fighting between fans of both sides recently more than we usually do.

I know this is not easy to do but i am sick of the fights between both sides. I mean i am friends with some pretty hardcore leytoners and i mange to be able talk about the show and the ships with out get in a fight. But it seems to me that some people just say things on purpose to piss off fans of the other ship.

I say sense it is the holidays and it supposed to be a fun time of the year lets not fight for a while. We will never see to eye on things...
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Sometimes all we need is one..One Tree Hill
Sometimes all we need is one..One Tree Hill
First of all, congratulation Terra(dermer4ever) for being the OTH fan of the month. You surely deserve it. And because you love the show(as well as we all do) I would like to know a few things about the reason why "One Tree Hill" isn't just another drama tv-show for you.

1. What is the main reason that you watch "One Tree Hill"?
For the storylines with all the characters, the drama, the comedy and all the couples.

2. Do you consider the show being realistic? If not, what's the most unrealistic thing that ever happened?
I find the show realistic most of the time, the only thing i would say that...
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Hey buddy! So congratulations on your Leyton FOTM win, you totally deserve it! I have the honor of interviewing you so here goes.

1. In what Season did you first become a fan of Leyton?

i guess it was series 1 :| .... well i started watching one tree hill at the end of series 3 when peyton said she was inlove with lucas and i got intrigued after that so i decided to watch series 1 and then it all made sense <3

2. Out of the two, who is your favorite, Lucas or Peyton and why?

NO BRAINER!!! GOT TO BE PEYTON :) why? cos she is the BEST! i love her soo fuckin much - wait can you swear on the interview?...
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This is just a really old Forum post that i didn't get a chance to put as a soapbox, so here it is.
(words credit:


Ok am so sick and tired of ppls reasons why Leyton shouldn't be together or even have a chance to be 2gether or think that brucas/jayton will automatically be 2gether in S5!! And also am so sick of ppl just hating on Peyton for the wrong reasons! Well am just going to say everything here and u don't like it then whatever!

I'll start off with 2 common REASONS for assuming that Leyton won't be together in S5 or shouldn't be together at all...
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Guys, this may the best FOTM interview you ever read... evaaa! Bar, consider yourself rasied xD . PS, yeah, she's drunk xD

1. No LP next season, good or bad?

THISI S BAD!!! OTH is all abut Leyton now! This sucks

2. Why do you ship LP
Because they chemistry is so hot that I get turned on whenever I see them! They belong together.. when we see them tohethet its like ONe perspon, its perfect to watch!

3. Brucas, Jeyton, Lincas, Neyton & Pulian. If you had to pick one of the following, which would it be and why?
JEYTON!!! Jake is sucj a sweet guy! And I love hi and Peyton together! But you...
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posted by starrjam21
It has been almost a year since One Tree Hill ended (in the US). Thank you Mark Schwann for giving us 9 years, 9 seasons, 187 episodes of excellent acting & amazing storylines.
I can't even put into words how much I miss this show.I wish it could have went on forever.
People say all good things come to an end One Tree Hill was the best thing so it will never end for me at least in my heart :)
I own all the seasons and I watch them all the time especially when I need my Nathan Scott fix.
Thank you James Lafferty for stealing my heart & thank you Naley for showing everyone what always & forever truly meant ♥
One Tree Hill is the best show of all time & always will be :) I re- watch episodes I've probably seen at least 50 times they never get old but I always get kinda sad at the same time. I fall in love with new shows all the time but NOTHING is ever gonna have my heart like One Tree Hill does♥
Southern Gothic Productions made it’s short film, the true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, available for download today. Those wishing to purchase it, for $2.99, can go to link to download it.

The true-love tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend stars Hilarie Burton, co-owner of Southern Gothic Productions, and One Tree Hill’s Austin Nichols. The short film is narrated by Cullen Moss and was written and directed by Nicholas Gray. The film’s score is by Andy Bilinski, a musician residing in Wilmington.

“We had a ball doing this,” Nichols said. “There isn’t any dialogue, the whole thing is narrated, and the short looks great.”
Southern Gothic Productions is a company Co-owned by actress Hilarie Burton (who played Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill for six years), producer Kelly Tenney, and Nicholas Gray. The trio are embracing the new social media to share their step-by-step process with fans and fellow filmmakers alike; striving to maintain and develop the film industry in the Wilmington area.

The next step in creating a social media explosion is the launch of Southern Gothic Productions new Web site ( The website is a tool for allowing fans and followers to get updates on the company, share music,...
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The last droplets of rain the sky had to offer fell briefly, as Nathan hurried up the steps of his and Haley’s apartment. Once he had finally reached shelter - like magic - the rain stopped.

He pushed his hood off, and blinked. “Son of a bitch..”

It wasn’t long before he remembered what he was doing there, and he quickly made his way towards his apartment. Slipping his key in the lock quietly, he slid the door open, hoping Haley had gone out shopping.

No such luck. No sooner as he’d opened the door, the petite woman appeared from the bedroom.

Mid length auburn locks down, the girl frowned...
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posted by dermer4ever
This is my view on why I feel that Brooke gets overlooked most of the time. This is just my view opinions are welcome just no calling names or bashing my view. Try and go easy on me since this is my first article .I am a huge Brooke fan and I feel like that sometimes that they forget that she exists and it is about everybody else. I know Brooke wasn't in the Pilot and because that she really isn't a true main character and what not but that is not true.

A couple of examples of this come from season four after she broke up with Lucas everybody completely forgot she excited. really the only time...
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Before watching one tree hill i didn't listen to music so much, but all the great music from the serie made me buy an ipod and gave me a lots of new idols.

He has to be the KING of music in OTH!
The opening theme in season 1-4, "I don't want to be" and the song "more than anyone" to a lots of naley scenes, songs at the soundtraks and sooo much great music in the serie. And don't forget at the open mic night at karen cafe when he's the gueststar! He's my number one idol!

One of the main 5, Haley James Scott!
Already in the first season she shows us her...
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posted by PoooBoo
Here are some of the great Peyton&Haley quotes♥

Haley: It’s strange. Just... the night away from school. It feels like you and I actually live on the same planet.

Peyton: Life plays trick on you like that.

Haley: We were just kids then, right?

Peyton: Yeah, you're too mature to be doing that stuff now. But I'm not!

Haley: Oh my god, you're pregnant! I have dibs on godmother!

Peyton: I love it. And I just want you guys to know, that I love you so much.

Haley: I'm just, totally in love with him...

Peyton: Well then you've gone further with him then I ever did.

Peyton: I'm so tired...
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posted by Chlarkfan
I think brooke and lucas are the best couple. I think this because she loves him still from season 1 and he has loved her too. They are ment to be. Peyton hurt brooke twice!! let Brucas be together sighn the petion in
They fell in love and let them be in love. Their love is as strong as jack and rose on the Titanic. Lucas loves her and he would still be with her if he knew how she felt about him. Lucas love her so please let him love her. She wrote 82 letters over the summer one evrey day. She never mailed them because she was afraid to get hurt like last time. He forgave her for being with someone else. They were in love. They had trust, caring and happines in their relationship. People only look at brooke and say shes a whore. But SHE LOVES HIM!!! She gave him her heart and trusted him with it. She loves him like he loves her. She was hurt from the first time and the second so let her have her love back.