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¸¸.•*¨*♥•♥° One Direction Picture Contest (47th Round Opened)°♥•♥*¨*•¸¸  Selena_Justin 440 128598 over a year ago
1D 5in5 Icon Contest | Round 16 {Deadline...November 11}  Vamp_Fan_25 474 49782 over a year ago
One direction lyrics contest❤❤(round eleven closed)  bubbletl 109 44113 over a year ago
1D Style Picture Contest.... ♥ Round 13 OPEN  Snoopy_Sophie 180 43599 over a year ago
one direction picture game :D  bubbletl 195 43549 over a year ago
One Direction Picture Contest - Closed  LifesGoodx3 221 42059 over a year ago
✰ One Direction Contest ✰ {Round 30 is OPEN}  Miraaa 404 41104 over a year ago
countdown to 2500 fans :D  ladychazabc 758 38070 over a year ago
guess the lyrics game :D  bubbletl 583 37066 over a year ago
If You Got Married To One Of The Boys And Had Children, Who Would You Marry And What Would The Kids Be Called?  MissMuffin38 72 30377 over a year ago
Who is your favourite One Direction guy? put them in order from fave to least fave.  tiara_xx 94 28532 over a year ago
One Direction Fan's Forum Chat! :)  CullenSisters-X 69 27498 9 months ago
1D Pic Contest! ♫Round 9 Open♫  rusher29 76 26672 over a year ago
One Direction icon Contest♥ Round Six OPEN  vidvida 54 25250 over a year ago
One Direction Chat Room  Luna_Elvy 10 21035 8 months ago
Just A Dream: A Harry Styles Fanfiction  moveslikejizzle 1 20562 over a year ago
Countdown To 40 000 Fans!  241098 350 18761 over a year ago
"Who wins best dressed" game!! =)  emilypotato 166 18123 over a year ago
Members Elimination Game{Closed}  241098 412 17594 over a year ago
Who wants Harry's kik because I have it?  Sparksfly9851 2 15058 over a year ago
True OR False ♫  Vamp_Fan_25 270 14234 over a year ago
Photo Editing Comp ~ Round 11  Vamp_Fan_25 96 12451 over a year ago
Time and color game!  averielise 103 12129 over a year ago
Guess that song...  0neDirecti0n 231 12052 over a year ago
The One Directionary (1D dictionary)  JinelleS 6 11969 over a year ago
Wrong Answer Game ♥♥  Vamp_Fan_25 155 11696 over a year ago
1D memories and proudest moments <3  lois4 7 10964 over a year ago
Join Baby Lux's Fan Club!!!!  JinelleS 1 10703 over a year ago
YOU KNOW YOUR A DIRECTIONER WHEN.............  JinelleS 33 10382 over a year ago
What is next???  LalaDepp 30 10187 over a year ago
Niall Horan Meet Demi Lovato's Sisters!  tweedybird025 1 9625 over a year ago
(◠‿◠)One Direction Photo Contest(◠‿◠) Canceled  Imyselfandme 62 9146 over a year ago
Band Mate Elimination Game  mikfan9 126 8968 over a year ago
Zayn look alike or Zayn? :O  ZoeyMalik28 12 8273 over a year ago
~ Rate the Photo Above You ~  Vamp_Fan_25 127 8132 over a year ago
Band Member Elimination Game  AoifeF1 69 8105 over a year ago
Id photos contest .... Props  averielise 22 7988 over a year ago
1D Icon Editing Comp - Round 6  Vamp_Fan_25 44 7969 over a year ago
One Direction picture contest! ♥ Closed ♥  CullenSisters-X 23 7950 over a year ago
A - Z One Direction - CLOSED  Vamp_Fan_25 132 7576 over a year ago
this forum is now closed:P  johncenaw85oi 61 7561 over a year ago
One Direction Photo Comp ♥ Open : Auditions (separately)  ellietwilight12 12 7550 over a year ago
HOT or NOT?  Smilebaby05 42 7508 over a year ago
FOTM (Fan Of The Month) - October *Closed*  Andressa_Weld 71 7086 over a year ago
I have some poems......  simaksim1 2 6916 over a year ago
One Direction contest=Props  sshannahmontana 52 6779 over a year ago
Countdown to 20,000!  bright_angel 147 6745 over a year ago
Countdown to 10,000 fans ~ Closed  Vamp_Fan_25 159 6729 over a year ago
Favourite 1D member  phoebe_horan 27 6713 over a year ago
1D Icon Contest -Round 4-Vote-Round 5-Open  HaiItzReeRee 35 6705 over a year ago
1D Contest  zara19 5 6674 over a year ago
MARRY, FUCK OR KISS. 1D members  MafaldaPM 29 6508 over a year ago
Directioner-forever..!!  Aisy 4 6472 over a year ago
One Direction Fan Of The Month.  xMrsNiallHoranx 31 6464 over a year ago
Last Letter <3  mimivilee 94 6198 over a year ago
Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Buy Cars for Their GFs!  tweedybird025 0 6185 over a year ago
If You Had To Make A Family With One Direction How Would You Make It? (And I Don't Mean Make As In You Know What!)  MissMuffin38 49 5888 over a year ago
Who do you want each member to be? Your Husband, Your Boyfriend, Your Best Friend, Your Soulmate and your brother  LiamLover2176 48 5674 over a year ago
One Direction Lyrics - Contest :) 6th Round  DArsenalFan 38 5632 over a year ago
Zayn Malik Wants to Cut Off His Hair!  tweedybird025 0 5503 over a year ago
One Direction Fan of the month (July)  xMrsNiallHoranx 32 5424 over a year ago
I can't believe they've gone!!!!!  CherryCrush100 5 5253 over a year ago
Guess the lyric game xxx :)  Lois_Styles 55 5141 over a year ago
Countdown to 50,000 fans!!  cpuppy45656 118 4949 over a year ago
Who likes Zayn Malik from One Direction?  Aaminah210 24 4556 over a year ago
kiss,date,marry  pupall 28 4376 over a year ago
Niall Horan  lois4 12 4371 over a year ago
Which 1D Boy is For You? - Quiz  dancergirl78 1 4354 over a year ago
1D Google!  yeah_its_me 2 4318 over a year ago
Directioners Chat  PinkyParis 26 4215 over a year ago
List all the Boys according to your favorite =) ♥  Luna-san 10 4158 9 months ago
1D STUFF! - post ur fav song, band member and much more  1Dfan4 7 4070 over a year ago
♫ One Direction 3D Movie ♫  Vamp_Fan_25 0 4007 over a year ago
Fanfiction (bored)  Wwefa1 1 3940 over a year ago
the difference between a one directioner and a one directionater  maddiesyd9 1 3923 over a year ago
Are One Direction gonna become really famous??  lois4 5 3870 over a year ago
One Direction 10 In 10 Icon Contest [Round 2] [Contest Closed]  Smilebaby05 57 3855 over a year ago
One Direction Lyrics Contest (Round 3 OPEN)  dancergirl78 19 3789 over a year ago
What member of 1D is your soul mate?  keninv 14 3714 over a year ago
ONE DIRECTION - FOUR ALBUM DOWNLOAD  KlaraPom 0 3647 over a year ago
Hello Girls.  kaibelx 1 3631 over a year ago
ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!  Misshoran16 3 3509 over a year ago
Watch One Direction Perform at the Olmypics + 1D Dating Deets!  tweedybird025 0 3472 over a year ago
Who's your favorite boy from 1d?  xall4mex 14 3386 over a year ago
"That's What Makes You Beautiful" Free Guitar Tab!!!  jtlessons 0 3385 over a year ago
Make a sentence Gamee!  Raeneloves1D 11 3358 over a year ago
Vote for your fave 1D song out of these 5!!!  JinelleS 9 3334 over a year ago
*Contest Closed Permanently*  Smilebaby05 3 3320 over a year ago
Who would u save in 1D  karenboateng 4 3298 over a year ago
One Direction Survey  phoebe_horan 23 3146 over a year ago
stop one direction hate club  Snoopy_Sophie 3 3143 over a year ago
Reasons why we love the boys- One Direction  Big_1DFan 2 3142 over a year ago
Picture contest  NiallandHarryx 0 3034 over a year ago
Which member of One Direction would you want to marry & where would you want to live with him?  Frozengirl11 6 3027 over a year ago
One Direction Icon Contest:Round 2  Katherine_girl 11 3005 over a year ago
Hunt for the Biggest Directioner!  gemmastyles 18 3001 over a year ago
Why Zayn Malik Deleted His Twitter!  tweedybird025 0 2991 over a year ago
Upcoming game : Piano Tail (Tiles) for fans of One Direction [Android]  Pickko 6 2990 over a year ago
Watch One Direction's Cover of "Wonderwall"!  tweedybird025 1 2974 over a year ago
One Direction Wants More Guy Fans!  tweedybird025 1 2947 over a year ago