One Direction (◠‿◠)One Direction Photo Contest(◠‿◠) Canceled

Imyselfandme posted on Mar 24, 2014 at 01:28PM
Hey guys. This is a 1D photo contest(: Anyone can joinx

There will be 10 rounds. I'll give you the links to each round and I'll pick the winners. No one is allowed to copy photos off of other players,so please be unique. There will be 1st,2nd and 3rd. Winners wlll be listed here after the round is finished.
1st: 15 props.
2nd: 10 props.
3rd: 5 props.
A prop will be given for participation.
At the end of all the rounds,I will estimate who had the best photos in the whole competition. They will be rewarded the grand prize of 50 props!
Please play fair,and be nice.

*♥*➚*☼*♡ Round 1: Photo Shoot *♥*➚*☼*♡
(Give a photo of any Photo Shoot the boys have ever been to)

Winners of Round 1:
1st place:
2nd place: Miraaa
3rd place: mjlover4lifs

*♥*➚*☼*♡ Round 2: Fan Art *♥*➚*☼*♡
(Make a photo of any one of the boys or all of them is you want. If you can't make a photo,find your best one)

Winners of Round 2:
1st place:
2nd place: charissa333
3rd place: lead

*♥*➚*☼*♡ Round 3: Old Hairstyles *♥*➚*☼*♡
(We're going back to the olden days when our boys just became "our boys" and when they had their old hairdos we all know and love. Go crazy)

Winners of Round 3:
1st place:
2nd place:xayeishax
3rd place:liza12354

*♥*➚*☼*♡ Round 4: Baby Lux *♥*➚*☼*♡
(The boys' adopted baby sister of their hair stylist,a.k.a the luckiest girl in the world. Post a photo of one(or all) of the boys with this baby)

Winners of Round 4:
1st place:
2nd place:lead
3rd place:Blacklilium

*♥*➚*☼*♡ Round 5: XFactor *♥*➚*☼*♡
(I guess I like the boys when the were younger,so let's go back to the beginning. Post a photo of one of them or all of them from XFactor.)

Sorry guys but it's been too long since I went on here,so I'm canceling this photo competition.
[i]Hey guys. This is a 1D photo contest(: Anyone can joinx[/i]

There will be 10 rounds.
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