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jdrroyal posted on Aug 27, 2013 at 02:28AM
Ok, Soo I like... LOVE One Direction and I cant seem to stop listening to Best Song Ever by One Direction. I know all of the lyrics lol. Soo, Anyways, I was just wandering I would like a sneak peak ahead of One Direction This Is Us! Like just tell me what its about. If u cant do that then just say something in response to this so I would be happy and so I know ur real. :) Thankss

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over a year ago AoifeF1 said…
‘This Is Us’: One Direction Is Entertaining, Funny & Sweet
It’s no surprise that 1D puts on a good show in concert, but that doesn’t always result in a good documentary. In this case, however, One Direction delivered!

Even though I wasn’t one of the hundreds of fan-girls actually screaming during the film, I came out of the film understanding and adoring Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and the newly-engaged Zayn Malik.

By showing the clips of each of the boys individually getting sent home from season seven of UK’s The X Factor, the film stole my heart immediately — we even saw tears from the boys! However, when Simon Cowell chose to create a group out of the talented singers, he was actually creating a family.

I didn’t know the story behind One Direction, and didn’t consider myself a major Directioner, but now … I can proudly say that I am.

‘This Is Us’ Shows Who The Band Really Is
The film shows a few things that we weren’t aware of — the families the boys leave behind repeatedly to go on tour, the intimate conversations they have on the road, and my favorite part of all — the boys just being boys.

Whether it was Niall dressing up as an old man or Zayn speeding around in a golf cart backstage, the film showed that although they may be worldwide superstars, these are just five young boys who are growing up together and learning as they go. Even their management team admits in the film that the boys couldn’t be more goofy when they’re not working.

One thing I really admired was that the film shows a true sense of family within the band. Each one went back to their hometowns in between tour dates, and seemed truly honored to have gotten to where they were — visiting old jobs, nostalgic locations, and just hanging out with their families.

The proud look in each of their parents’ eyes was actually extremely touching, and a sweet touch to the film — and it explained where the boys get their sensitive side.

One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’: A Perfect Combination Of Fun & Family
However, the most impressive part of the film to me was the fact that it showed every aspect — from when they were eliminated from X Factor, to touring around the world to every venue, and becoming brothers along the way.

We got an inside look at rehearsing before hitting the stage, the perks and downfalls of a life on the road, and the boys’ feeling about the screaming girls that appear around every corner.

The movie was the perfect combination of concert footage, family lives and exclusive interviews — everything a Directioner is dying to see.

It was honest and real, revealing that these guys really are just humble 19, 20, and 21-year-olds who are just learning who they are and who they want to be.