One Direction Band Mate Elimination Game

mikfan9 posted on Sep 11, 2012 at 09:26PM
Alright so I've seen this game on many spots (particularly the Glee and The Glee Project spots) so I figured it'll be fun to do this here :)

1) Each member receives 10 points and for each turn you can give a +1 to a band member or -1 to a band member.

2) You can only reply once a day to make it fair.

3) This is something different that (I hope) I'm the first one to do... Whoever is the one to eliminate a member completely (ex. if Harry has 1 point and you take away that point and he's eliminated) I will give that member 5 props.
And whoever is the one to eliminate the very last member and finish the game, I will give you 10 props. :)

So I hope you guys enjoy this and let's get started! :D
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