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Vamp_Fan_25 posted on Jul 05, 2012 at 09:07AM
Vas' Happening Directioner :}
I saw this game on the 'Twilight Series' spot and thought we should do it here...
Credit: daphne_cullen

The first user will ask a true OR false question for the persone below them.Then the next user user must answer with either True OR False. He or she then makes another question for the next user.
When saying The Person Below Me you may use the abbreviation TPBM.
~ Questions (obviously) must be 1D questions

User A:
TPBM has been to a 1D concert....
User B:
TPBM has their Up All Night Albulm...
User C:
TPBM thinks that Harry is overeated...
...and so on

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