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JinelleS posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 07:14AM
-1DEDICATION-The art of being a directioner e.g I just spent 10 hours watching 1D videos on Youtube, Now thats 1Dedication.
-1DERFUL-Anything that is 1D related and wonderful e.g One Directions live peformances are 1Derdful.
-1D FAMILY-The name for the collective fandom, Mainly used on twitter eg. Im part of the 1D Family.
-AMAZAYN-Amazing and Zayn mixed together means "Extra amazing".
-BRILLIAM-Brilliant and Liam mixed together mean "Beyond Brilliant".
-CARROTS-In the week 2 X Factor video diary Louis jokingly said "I like girls who eat carrots" and it kinda caught on.
-CATS-Harry infamously whispered into the winner of X Factor Matt Cardles ear "imagine how much pussy youre gonna get" and later explained that it was just a reference to all the cats Matt could get his mum. Harry got grounded by his mum.
-DIRECTIONATER-The term Directioners use for new or fake fans who are seen as inferior because they only like the boys for their looks or think certain members are ugly or untalented. It is often used in a mean way.
-DIRECTIONER-A dedicated One Direction fan
-EXTRAORDINHARRY-Extraordinary and Harry mixed together means something that is so good its out of the ordinary.
-FABULOUIS-Fabulous mixed with Louis means extra fabulous pronounced "fab-u-loo-ee"
-FLACK-Caroline Flack is the Xtra Factor host and much older woman Harry was with now commonly used as the "f" word eg. Flack off, What the flack.
-HORAN THE WORLD?CURLS!-A directioners take on Beyonces song HORAN-based on Nialls last name Horan and CURLS-based on Harrys super curly hair.
-KEVIN-Louis' stuffed pigeon that featured in 1Ds tour diary 4 eg. kevin? KEEEEVIN?!
-LARRY STYLINSON-The popular bromance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
-NANDO'S-Niall favourite food/resturaunt.
-NARNIAN-An international fan who doesnt live in 1Ds homeland. (UK)
-NO! JIMMY PROTESTED-Derived from Louis' random outburst reading Ben Eltons 'Meltdown' in week 7s video diary.
-ONE DIRECTION INFECTION-A serious case of 1D obsession.
-PHENOMENIALL-Phenominal and Niall mixed together means super awesome.
-SPOONS-Liam has a phobia of spoons directioners hate spoons on his behalf.
-TURTLES-Liams turtles Archimedes and Boris alos he once tweeted "Harry doesnt have turtles i used to but theyre dead"
-VaS HAPPENIN-Zayns favourite line which is also his catchphrase.

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wow !Q! how weird was dat lol
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