One Direction What is next???

LalaDepp posted on Apr 19, 2012 at 08:09PM
It`s easy and fun :)
I will give you a description of a picture you will have to post.
The one who posts the picture will give instructions for the next one. And so on.
Just as simple as that :)

Note: when you post a description of a picture, you have to know if such a picture exists, because, in case no one replies in 2 days, you post that picture and give another description, so that the game will keep on going.

Note 2: you can post pictures from the red carpet, magazines, events, public appearances, paparazzi-taken, as well as pictures from movies, movie posters and so forth..... as long as One Direction is in it, and it follows the description, it's just fine :)

Have fun! ♥

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