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Exclusive 1D Membership Card for 1st 1000 fans in UK & IRELAND ONLY  aaronmccormack 0 1706 over a year ago
New reliable website about 1D  Jessy1DWizic 0 1687 over a year ago
The colour and time game enjoy :)  Lois_Styles 11 1684 over a year ago
Guess the favourite signer/band game (please dont ignore play)  Lois_Styles 3 1653 over a year ago
SOME INPORTANT NEWS!!!!!!  fiestagirl12345 1 1650 over a year ago
One Direction Contest <3  Lois_Styles 0 1647 over a year ago
Band Elimination Game  Lois_Styles 11 1640 over a year ago
rate your fave from 1D  Natasha923 22 1639 over a year ago
cute boys  emmayork 2 1636 over a year ago
~`♡`~ Hαʀʀy Stylєs Icσn Cσntєst (open) ~`♡`~  harry_ginny33 2 1624 over a year ago
1D came to my school  jacoblover998 13 1600 over a year ago
CALLING ALL BAY AREA DIRECTIONERS!!  stephanie_ap 0 1598 over a year ago
only one direction  nazzofficial 0 1596 over a year ago
Who is your favourite one direction but from the top favourite to the least favourite enjoy :D  Lois_Styles 5 1593 over a year ago
Win Tickets To a One Direction Concert  natasha1830 0 1588 over a year ago
Liam and Danielle broke up again!  kcad4 2 1582 over a year ago
Talk about it anything  ShAdAmYLoVeR18 9 1576 over a year ago
Watch LWWY  Amazyn 0 1569 over a year ago
one way or another verdict???  nicolab101go 2 1568 over a year ago
What would you do?  LiamLover2176 1 1550 over a year ago
who has the best hair?  doglover300 1 1550 over a year ago
Locating a Card  1d4life97 0 1550 over a year ago
The One Direction Awards.  xMrsNiallHoranx 9 1547 over a year ago
What quality do u like the most in each member  xoxopopgirl 1 1536 over a year ago
Is Liam Payne Engaged?  tweedybird025 2 1533 over a year ago
Daily Pics of One Direction #2  1D_Fan_5 0 1517 over a year ago
One Direction This Is Us Movie Review  ShipperWar 1 1516 over a year ago
Have you downloaded the One Direction Windows Phone App?  onedirectionwp 0 1516 over a year ago
1D a-z  emilypotato 4 1514 over a year ago
directioners only  nonobff 1 1512 over a year ago
One Direction Quiz!!  superDivya 3 1497 over a year ago
❤ Niall Horan ❤  luckynum13 2 1485 over a year ago
One Direction  Little_Redhead 0 1482 over a year ago
One Direction Tour  SelenaBvr94 0 1482 over a year ago
1D WORLD TOUR! (Experiences)  balletlighter 2 1481 over a year ago
happy birthday louis 12/24/12  1dfan28716 1 1475 over a year ago
One Direction to Perform at Olympics!  tweedybird025 0 1472 over a year ago
one direction  love1D999999 0 1455 over a year ago
When will 1D decide to come to American?  Hannah_Filbert 0 1453 over a year ago
Meet 1D signing!  louisbaby 0 1443 over a year ago
One Direction Dish What They Miss The Most!  tweedybird025 0 1442 over a year ago
One Direction Covers  harrykissme 0 1438 over a year ago
1D tix available for 11/30 Mohegan Sun concert  tattooDad 0 1425 over a year ago
Medals♥♥  241098 13 1421 over a year ago
You can bid for 1D's WORN TEES, Harry's bowtie, photos and signed shirts on eBay for Charity  jwaite 0 1410 over a year ago
Project against Hate  Karin1232 0 1408 over a year ago
pic challange 30days  NiallandHarryx 0 1407 over a year ago
How to Play "Up All Night" on Piano  pianocrumbs 0 1400 over a year ago
1D tour tickets SCOTLAND ! HELP  Megzie1D 0 1393 over a year ago
if you want to know ure a directioner or no  nonobff 0 1391 over a year ago
Demi Lovato and Niall Horan Confess Love For Each Other!  tweedybird025 0 1380 over a year ago
~!rate fotoes above!~  DiM134 0 1379 over a year ago
Stop One Direction's Management  randomflinger 0 1379 over a year ago
One Direction Break Single Record  check-it-out13 0 1378 over a year ago
Who Is Your Favorite Directioner?  Pokesyou1 1 1366 over a year ago
Comparer les réponses  Hayetlife 0 1360 over a year ago
who is the best  awsemness 0 1352 over a year ago
one direction ticket contest :) i found contest on internet and people had won so i wanted to share it :) reply wit your fave song  tae45 0 1351 over a year ago
we love the 1d fans love them  niamhtobin 0 1346 over a year ago
Do this  ponedirection11 1 1342 over a year ago
add some fun c'mon  pop-directioner 0 1337 over a year ago
Harry Stylas Might die on July 18!  Imwatching123 0 1326 over a year ago
Christmas Album?  Niall__Horan 1 1324 over a year ago
One Direction in Dallas in Entertainment Weekly!!!!  zander2001 0 1323 over a year ago
Would U Rather..........................  araic999 1 1321 over a year ago
who would u chose from 1D?  karenboateng 0 1321 over a year ago
zayn malik  zaynmaliklover3 0 1320 over a year ago
MESSAGE TO 1D  araic999 1 1319 over a year ago
Do you want to meet One Direction?  lgheida 0 1318 over a year ago
Harry Style  koolgirl4646 0 1315 over a year ago
Just clearing some rumours here.  ZoeyMalik28 0 1309 over a year ago
Hot ONE Direction Info  HarrysHair 2 1305 over a year ago
♥♥♥ BEST SONG EVER 10.7 MIL VIEWS GOAL ♥♥  _mrs_styles_ 0 1304 over a year ago
i love u  cheer2003 2 1303 over a year ago
One Direction  kendallkight45 0 1302 over a year ago
ATTENTION ALL LOS ANGELES AREA DIRECTIONERS!!!  ericaceba 0 1299 over a year ago
cuttest guy  love1D999999 2 1295 over a year ago
One Direction Fangirls...  DiamondYJ 3 1292 over a year ago
funniest/cutest/coolest/hottest photo contest  XXxArianaxX 1 1285 over a year ago
Cutest (1D)  gamergirltiger 7 1285 over a year ago
Win a free trip to New York to see and MEET One Direction December 3rd! <3 <3  iDreamOf1D 2 1282 over a year ago
one direction come to pensicola Fl.  luvhoranhugs 1 1269 over a year ago
Making of One thing music video  digititles 0 1267 over a year ago
Why do you like one direction?  louisgurl1818 1 1266 over a year ago
♥ One direction merch!  _mrs_styles_ 0 1263 over a year ago
Why do fans not have the right info on the guys  1dlover100 3 1254 over a year ago
One Direction New Zealand tour dates/venues and price!!!!  JinelleS 0 1253 over a year ago
what do you think of these wristbands?  delithium 3 1250 over a year ago
One direction's perfection  emilypotato 0 1247 over a year ago
Directioners untie!!  TasteDaRainbow 0 1245 over a year ago
One Direction Icon Contest: ROUND 1: Larry Stylinson Edit :D  Chrizel-Horan 0 1242 over a year ago
What will 2013 bring for One Direction?  Roxybalboa20 2 1240 over a year ago
Haylor  lilirose234 4 1237 over a year ago
1D video  americanidiot15 0 1234 over a year ago
One Direction on iCarly!!  Progatozona 0 1228 over a year ago
one direction or justin bieber?  Lucy025 5 1227 over a year ago
i love one direction  jambone 1 1227 over a year ago
one direction  nourelhoda 0 1221 over a year ago
If Harry Styles has a girl friend, the third world war will happen  Hannah_Filbert 0 1211 over a year ago