Nina Dobrev Do you think that she knows Bulgarian?!

emittto posted on May 16, 2010 at 12:59AM
If she is from Bulgaria she must know Bulgarian, right? Do you think she does?

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over a year ago Teamdamon33 said…
Yeah, she does!
over a year ago bvale211 said…
well i don't really know,maybe she understands it but doesn't speak it!!
over a year ago emittto said…
that's so cool! I know ,too :P:P:P
over a year ago crazy8gurly said…
She is not American ?
over a year ago DaniKatZ said…
big smile
She speaks fluent French, Bulgarian and English! :)
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over a year ago petrova said…
Yeah,she speak fluent French, Bulgarian and English. It's so cool she speaking bulgarian *-*