Nina Dobrev Picture Contest♥

vidvida posted on Jul 24, 2011 at 12:34PM
Nina Dobrev Picture Contest CLosed!.

It Has 12 Rounds
There is a Topic each round
You Will Upload The picture
Which Matches The Topic
Then we Will have a Pick
For Winners

The 1st Winner wins 30 Props
The 2st Winner wins 20 Props
The 3st Winner wins 10 Props

Here Are The Rules:

Only One Picture Per Round
Dont Ask People To Vote For You
Dont Post a Picture which Had Posted Before

Here Are The Topics:

Round One:Nina In Blue

1st Winner:modernfan
2st Winner:Katherine1731
3st Winner:tvdlover
Round two: Nina With a Funny Face [Closed]

1st Winner:MomoiroxChan
2st Winner:CullenSister-X
3st Winner:Katherine1731
Round Three: Nina As Elena Gilbert[Closed]

1st Winner:Joy3570
2st Winner:emmalouisee
3st Winner:modernfan
Round Four: Nina Crying (Also Elena) (Closed)

1st Winner:laaureenn
2st Winner:bussykussi & maribou
3st Winner:flowerdrop
Round Five : Nina As Katherine (Closed)

1st Winner:mileysmartcyrus
2st Winner:Stelenavamp
3st Winner:Flowerdrop & Maribou
Round Six: Nina And Vampire Diaries Cast (Closed)

1st Winner:Joy3570
2st Winner:mileysmartcyrus
3st Winner:flowerdrop & Sakkara98
Round Seven: Black and White (Closed)

1st Winner:maribou
2st Winner:nevenkastar
3st Winner:vampire_orchid
Round Eight: Nina With Curly Hair(Closed)

1st Winner:nevenkastar
2st Winner:maribou
3st Winner:mileysmartcyrus
Round Nine: Nina with Your Favorite Outfit
1st Winner:joy3570 & Flowerdrop
2st Winner:turnaism/Delenafan91/Sakkara98
3st Winner:nevenkastar
Round Ten: A Picture Of Season 3! (Closed)
1st Winner:bussykussi & el0508
2st Winner:Sakkara98
3st Winner:flowerdrop
Round Eleven: Nina With Big earing (Closed)
1st Winner:Sakkara98
2st Winner:el0508
3st Winner:flowerdrop
Final Round: Your Favorite Photo Of Nina (Closed!)Vote:link

1st Winner:
2st Winner:
3st Winner:

Have Fun♥

[b]Nina Dobrev Picture Contest CLosed!.

        It Has 12 Rounds
        There is a Topic each round
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