Nina Dobrev Color/Time Game♥

Juilet1234 posted on Jul 19, 2011 at 06:23PM
I made a link asking if you guys wanted one of these, and 92% of you voted "yes!" So here it is :)

1. Identify the time on your computer screen.
1 AM/PM: I hugged
2 AM/PM: I slapped
3 AM/PM: I asked out
4 AM/PM: I changed my icon to
5 AM/PM: I fell in love with
6 AM/PM: I went to the mall with
7 AM/PM: I hate on
8 AM/PM: I sang a song to
9 AM/PM: I fainted when I saw
10 AM/PM: I thought of
11 AM/PM: I licked
12 AM/PM: I made a fan-video of

2. Identify the color of your shirt.
Blue: Because I love her new photoshoot

Yellow: Because she didn't follow me back on Twitter

Purple: Because I think she's gorgeous

Green: Because I want her boyfriend

Red: Because I love TVD

Pink: Because she seems sweet

Orange: Because I love her clothing

Brown: When she tweeted yesterday

Black: Because I felt like it

White: When I saw the new picture of her & Ian

Other: Because I'm a big fan

3. _________________Nina Dobrev________________
My example: I slapped Nina Dobrev because I love her new photoshoot.

Have fun! :)

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