Imagine :
"Push [ y/n ], push! C'mon, you can do it!"
yells the doctor.
"C'mon sweetie, push, push!"
Niall yells, squeezing your hand tightly.
You're pushing with all you're might. You're thinking to yourself 'Why do I have to go through this?' .
Then you think of the sweet, little baby girl that you'll get to hold for the first time. The baby girl that all you're attention will be going towards. The baby girl that will get to say you carried for 9 months. The baby girl that you will get to name. Then you picture Niall sitting in a rocking chair, singing the baby a "Little Things" and rocking her to sleep.
'Push! Push! Push!'
'Why DO I have to go through all this?---Because it's all worth it.'
You're pushing and pushing and pushing and then--you hear the sound of a baby girls first cry out.
The cry of yours and Nialls baby.
"She's adorable!" says the doctor.
"Can I hold her?" you ask.
"Of course!' the doctor replies handing her to you.
You may have carried her for 9 months but nothing compares to holding her for the first time in your arms.
Niall comes and sits down next to you.
"She's beautiful." Niall says, his voice shaky because he's on the verge of crying.
He kisses her on the forehead, than he does the same to you, on the lips.
"What are we going to name her?" he asks.
"Diana." you reply, smiling up at him.


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