Naruto Shippuuden Who Do You Think Tobi Is .. Madara Or Obito ?

kakashi-senpi posted on May 12, 2010 at 05:26AM
well .. no one knows for sure who tobi is ,, Because he never shows his face ,, But it only make sense that tobi is obito because he's hiding his face and showing only one shringan , because he has only one left after he gave kakashi his other one .
and actually we are not so sure that obito died that day . well he got burried of course but he might have survived and got angry because they left him so he's trying to take his revange. and there's one more thing . when he met kakashi the other day he talked with him like if he really knew him before . and madara lived way before kakashi's time . yeah fore sure if tobi is madara he knows how kakashi looks like and has heard of him but he wouldnt talked with him that way . and look at the two names obito & tobi they look kinda the same .
i really think he's obito :D

that's what i think but i really wanna know what people think .. :)

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over a year ago jamahl17 said…
YEAH, that makes sense, i really didn't notice before, one more thing the hair kinda look the same too, but still, we musn't judge now. Let's wait and see other opinions.
over a year ago chibi_kiwiberry said…
As of right now, it is said to be that Tobi is madara.
over a year ago K5-HOWL said…
I say Madara
over a year ago SenninSage101 said…
i say obito
over a year ago sparkyjade said…

I can agree he's obito. If you've noticed, the kages and shinobi refer to him as 'the man who is supposively Madara' and not 'Madara' straight up.

plus when Kabuto revealed the last coffin to Tobi, Tobi looked disturbed and freaked. I think this is beacuse Kabuto summoned the REAL Madara, in a way telling Tobi he knows he's not the real Madara.

You can't believe a character who says 'I'M MADARA!' and never shows his face.

Kabuto probably used that coffin to blackmail him to work together for the 4th Ninja war.

Eh. Who knows? I'm just guessing xD
over a year ago faiqahsan said…
nahhh.....tobi is not obito.....u remember when nine tailed fox attacked konoha obito n kakashi were small kids....this shows that obito was alived at that time....n u also know that madara or tobi was behind the attack who was controling the tobi is more thing.....when in an incident obito,s right side was crushed under the boulders....n....he gave his left sharingan to kakashi......then how u can say that tobi is obito...u can see the sharingan of means that madara has sharingan...while obito,s right side was crushed n he gave his remaning eye to kakashi...n...both were it proves that tobi is not obito........!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Jasper-Tod said…
If you watched the shippuuden episiode when Tobi kiddnapped Sasuke you would know that Obito died, and Tobi admitted that he was in fact Madara and he was the one who fought the first hokage. Therefor Tobi is Madara not Obito, and besides Obito died right after giving Kakas his his eye when they were young(around naruto's age)
over a year ago Uchiha_sakura said…
wow u ppl r dumb hes marada HE EVEN SAYS ITlink
over a year ago Pain21 said…
He's Madara obviously.
over a year ago JDeezy12 said…
well in the manga tobis mask kind of breaks and he has the other eye, becuase it is the renegan that pein has so i believe he is madara. so his right eye sharingan and left is renegan

over a year ago busterswap said…
TOBI can't be OBITO because :
1- When TOBI attacked the village with Nine tailed fox, obito was there with Kakashi and Kureni.
2- If we belive that he is obito, what made him a villen in only some years, and how he reached to this stage beyond the Kakashi ?
3- When TOBI extracted the Nine tails from Kushina , Nine tails recognized him sayong " YOU ...". How could Nine tails could recognize TOBI if he is obito ?

so is TOBI is madara ??
1- The last coffin summoned by obito gives us the answer. NO
2- He never used his Mangekyu sharingan.
3- He never used his full power.
4- Kisame calls him "Tobi playing Madara" not "Madara playing Tobi"

so who can be the real Tobi ( current Madara uchiha )
He may be son of First or second hokage.
* We knows that First's wife gave birth to child. As being a Jinchuriki of Nine tails, child and nine tails have shared the same belly.
* As he is a son of Senju clan leader, he has the access to all information about Senju, Uchiha, Sage of six path, History of konoha.
* Just look at the second hokage's name "Tobirama Senju ". TOBIrama Senju.
* So he can be a child of first or second hokage.

How he gets the Sharingan ?
* I think he got the Shishui's sharingan and used it's ability to Control Mizukage. We all seen Shishui's sharingan's power performed by Danzo.
* The second sharingan he stole from obito's dead body. Because the technique he used to manipulate space and time is very similer to Kakashi's. It gives us answer that Kakashi also do not posses a Mangekyu sharingan. It is just a special abillity of sharingan as Shishui also do not posses Mangekyu but has a ability to Manipulate victime's mind. Thats why Kakashi has no side effects of mangekyu like corroding eye sight.
* As Danzo has shishui's right eye, Tobi can get his Left eye.
* As Kakashi has obito's left eye, Tobi can get his Right eye.
( A very big co-incedent ??? )

What makes him a villen ??
* He might be wanted to be hokage like Orochimaru, but didn't achieved this for some reasons and then he had a great hate for Hidden-leaf.
* As he is a Senju clan member. He might have access to the Sage of six path's rinnegan. Because Sage selected the younger child ( Later known as senju ) as his inheritor so senju may hold sage's Rinegan and they might keep it safe. He stole them and give it to Nagato. That explains us why Tobi says to Konan that He gave the Nagato Rinegan...

But he must be the one among the characters that were introduced before.
So in my opinion he is nither Obito nor Madara. He is someone that we can't think about ....
I am just taking account that who is not summoned through Impure world summoning tech. That will help us to find who is real TOBI...

Thanks for reading. If you have any information or analysis regarding this you can mail me at
Your comments and questions will be wellcomed .....