olivia8970 posted on May 05, 2012 at 09:33PM
ok, everybody keeps on thinking that sasuke and naruto will fight during the war and i agree.And you manga readers know how Tsnuade is fighting Madara right now?Tsnuade is really amazing and nice but what if she dies fighing him?Then while Sasuke and Naruto are fighting Naruto recives a message from Inochi (Ino`s dad)that Tsnuade died.So at first Naruto feels sad and loses all hope because Tsnuade always gave Naruto hope that he will become hockage and she is the only one that knew Jiraiya as much as(or almost) he did.But then he gets all his hope back and remembers his times with Tsnuade just when Sasuke is about to stike him with his chidori and he uses his flash step in nine tails mode to get away.Now I dont really care if Sasuke goes back to the leaf because naruto encourages him or if he dies...either way you have to admit its going to be wierd.Anyways when they/he goes back to the leaf when the war is over Naruto feels really sad because he remembers that Tsnuade died.Then Naruto becomes hockage and he remembers all the things Tsnuade told him, Jiraiya even his parents.(but its not going to be as long as an arc the remebering part, just half or more of an episode)Then Iruka remembers him when he used to yell at a crowd "IM NOT A MONSTER, IM NARUTO UZUMAKI AND IM GOING TO BECOME HOCKAGE.BELIEVE IT!" Then he Iruka tells Naruto "You dont have to say believe it after you say your going to become hockage anymore.The people of the hidden leaf knew it since you became our hero" Then all the people of the ninja world knew that the hero of the leaf,the orange hockage, the child of the prophecy is Naruto Uzumaki

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