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The fans pick: Veronica Mars
The fans pick: Secret of the Old Clock
Secret of the Old Clock
The Hidden Staircase
The fans pick: Its awesome!
Its awesome!
uummmm didnt like it at all,...
The fans pick: George Fayne
George Fayne
Ned Nickerson
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Nancy Drew Wall

hanhclubbl02 said …
Hi all, i'm new member. Add Fan me ^^ Posted over a year ago
pbadventure18 said …
i love nancy drew!!! i read like 33 books already and its only my first year!~!!! Posted over a year ago
Shepard14 said …
I love the Nancy Drew movies from the 1930's-40's with Bonita Granville. Comment if you agree!! Posted over a year ago
iva098 commented…
I agree. =) over a year ago
iva098 commented…
The 30's Nancy Drew movies are so much better than 2000's movies.Bonita Granville is such a beautiful and talented actress and she did such a great job playing Nancy Drew,unlike Emma Roberts who is a little bit of anoying as Nancy Drew.That's just mine opinion. =) over a year ago
sarbear313 commented…
they are terrrrrific! over a year ago
pbadventure18 commented…
i totes agree all of them are awsome! over a year ago