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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Question

Pony RP

"In Equestria without any rules" the start is good? whatever I want make new RP named - Equestria Dead Arena RP
Equestria is now in DarkShadow hoofs (one of my enemies in The New Era ACT VI ) and a world is in global war... DarkShadow make an big arena in EverFree Forest... no rules... no friends... only blood and screams... the Dan & Shadow is one from chosen ponies to DeathDetchmach... but they want make friends and defend DarkShadow...

YOU have been chosen too... first... aplication...

Name -
Profession (like archery or tank) -
Picture *optional* -

Do YOU gonna fight for DarkShadow and win SPECIAL gift... or do YOU gonna fight with Dan & Shadow to defend DarkShadow and get HERO FAMOUS? its your chose... see you on arena
 SomeoneButNoone posted over a year ago
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