My Chemical Romance Favorite quotes from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Pick one:
And what's the worst you take from every heart you break?
So give me all your poison and give me all your pills
Came a time when every star fall brought you to tears again
If you were here I'd never have a fear
We are young and we don't care
But don't stop if I fall and don't look back
Too much, too late, or just not enough this pain in my heart for your dying wish
But nobody cares if you're losing I losing myself?
I won't go down by myself, but I'll go down with my friends
What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?
I'm not o'-fucking-kay!
I never said I'd lie and wait forever
Alright, give up, get down, it's just the hardest part of living
I'm taking back the life you stole
When you go just know that I will remember you
It isn't that much fun staring down a loaded gun
Touched by angels, though I fall out of grace
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 daiani posted over a year ago
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