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My Chemical Romance Which MCR band member has the best killjoy jacket?

44 fans picked:
Gerard Way (Party Poison)
Mikey Way (Kobra Kid)
Ray Toro (Jet Star)
Frank Iero (Fun Ghoul)
 lauraluvmj posted over a year ago
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mykilljoy picked Gerard Way (Party Poison):
Well i think gerards cuz its tight fitting on him! Ohh la la and it looks really fit on him! x
posted over a year ago.
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lauraluvmj picked Mikey Way (Kobra Kid):
Yeah... Difficult choice... Gerard always looks fit ;)
posted over a year ago.
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kbilovemcr picked Mikey Way (Kobra Kid):
I like them all equally but there is something about Mikey's that make me smile
posted over a year ago.
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0YouCanFly0 picked Ray Toro (Jet Star):
I really want Jet Star's jacket...
posted 9 months ago.