Movies My favourite scene, from each of my fave movies. The SCENE you like the best?

Pick one:
"Bennie & The Jets" - 27 Dresses.
"I'm All Wet, Can I Come In?" -The Girl Next Door.
"Will You Do Something For Me?" "Anythin" "Marry Me?" -A Walk To Remember
Dance In Street -The Notebook.
End Dance. -Dirty Dancing
"Goodbye" "I love you" -Edward Scissorhands.
Dwayne Finds Out He Can't Fly A Plane. -Little Miss Sunshine.
Juno & Bleeker In Hospital. -Juno
Jack & Joy At The Lighthouse -What Happens In Vegas
"I'm Flying Jack"/First Kiss -Titanic
I Love Rock N Roll -Crossroads.
Jennifer & Needy Kiss - Jennifer's Body.
BumbleBee "I Wish To Stay With The Boy" - Transformers
 babe1492 posted over a year ago
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