Movies Hottest Male with a Gun (2010 Movies)

Pick one:
Arthur - Inception (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Clay - The Losers (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
Cobb - Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio)
Colonel Hannibal Smith - The A-Team (Liam Neeson)
Cougar - The Losers (Óscar Jaenada)
Eames - Inception (Tom Hardy)
Hector Dixon - Wild Target (Martin Freeman)
Jensen - The Losers (Chris Evans)
Lt. 'Faceman' Peck - The A-Team (Bradley Cooper)
Miller - Green zone (Matt Damon)
Remi - Repo Men (Jude Law)
Roy Miller - Knight and Day (Tom Cruise)
Royce - Predators (Adrien Brody)
Thomas Craven - Edge of Darkness (Mel gibson)
Tony - Wild Target (Rupert Grint)
Victor Maynard - Wild Target (Bill Nighy)
 olllaa posted over a year ago
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