Movies What movie has made you cry your eyes out?(Add more)

Pick one:
Schindler's List
Million Dollar Baby
Pearl Harbor
Star Wars
Brokeback Mountain
The Notebook
A Walk to Remember
PS i love you
The Way we Were
Great Expectations
The Bodyguard
More than one of these
More than one of these
Added by Seddie4Ever
Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan
Added by junglebeast
Dumb & amp; Dumber or Shrek 3 or Any Jim Carrey movie
Dumb & Dumber or Shrek 3 or Any Jim Carrey movie
Added by LisaForde
Artificial Intelligence
Added by rachaelwsz
The Time Traveler's Wife
Added by MissParanoia
The Lion King
Added by fireworks123
Edward Scissorhands
Added by zanitas
Added by kenzieiscool
city of Angels
city of Angels
Steel Magnolias
Steel Magnolias
None of the Above
None of the Above
The Secret Life Of Bees
Added by LilyRoeScott
Marley and me
Added by tilkomandi67
My Girl
Added by IamAdog
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