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Daylighters Final Book?  MyrninsPet 1 1505 over a year ago
Have you cried at any point in the books?  HouseofNightRox 3 1500 over a year ago
MORGANVILLE WEB TV SERIES  pillowmints 0 954 over a year ago
Morganville vampires made into a tv show!!!  Luv_Rob_4ever 94 38397 over a year ago
If Morganville was a movie, who would you cast as who?  lilithcain 8 2752 over a year ago
Morganville tv or film  blugirl37 3 1030 over a year ago
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Bitter Blood Eve's Surgery  roseflower19 1 361 over a year ago
What are your favourite Morganville Vampire Quotes?  katiesaliba 11 8599 over a year ago
Last One Standing - Game!  svgirl 29 2522 over a year ago
kiss,hug,slap game!  Hon-Tmvlover 57 5761 over a year ago
Morganville Vampires Survey!  svgirl 30 4619 over a year ago
Signed copy of Black Dawn!!  Zoneoutmode 0 490 over a year ago
Amelie and Oliver  datenshifox 0 898 over a year ago
Morganville Vampires Books 13, 14, and 15  Ligeia13 11 20801 over a year ago
post your fav lines from the morganville books  IluvJacob99 14 1956 over a year ago
RACHEL CAINE IS COMING TO NBC 10 IN PHILADELPHIA!!  nbc10show 0 580 over a year ago
15 mv books??  MIchaelAndEve 0 575 over a year ago
Time Game  italiangirl976 28 2198 over a year ago
Ideas For a New Banner!  Luv_Rob_4ever 9 511 over a year ago
Who is your Dream Casting?  ChiffaniChan 3 1284 over a year ago
Morganville RolePlay Club  HouseofNightRox 1 707 over a year ago
Morganville Vampires A-Z  svgirl 22 937 over a year ago
What's your "dream" pairing of your favorite character?  sylmarillion 4 1017 over a year ago
Quotes Bite  HON_Rules 3 809 over a year ago
one crazy dream  kelsey1717 0 441 over a year ago
ghost town  lustvamp88 0 233 over a year ago
Quotes Bite  HON_Rules 0 643 over a year ago
Quotes Bite  HON_Rules 0 1020 over a year ago
Quotes Bite  HON_Rules 0 417 over a year ago
Ghost Town Ending *SPOILERS*  SkiPPy5543 1 2202 over a year ago
Shane's Shirt  ClaireSalvatore 0 668 over a year ago
Sneaky Caine!  lilithcain 1 297 over a year ago
Kiss of Death count down!!  svgirl 1 246 over a year ago
Writing  SkiPPy5543 0 411 over a year ago
What is your favourite book in the Morganville Vampire series?  katiesaliba 1 515 over a year ago
Kiss Of Death-Description by Rachel Caine  katiesaliba 0 472 over a year ago