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This Monster High fan art might contain tights and leotards.

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"Hi" I said to a ghoul I saw at the bus stop."hi. I'm Frankie." She said back. "I am the new ghoul."
"What monster are you?" she said." I am vampire. I am related to Draculuara, Valike, Vason, and Claweson Tynes the 3 boys are my brothers." I told her. Soon the bus came we sat together. I pulled out my icoffin and texted my gff Angel Strong. Then I turned to my music, that got Frankie's attention. " who is that?" she asked. "oh that's me. Do you like it?" By this point everyone was crowding in to listen. I love a crowd but this was weird. Frankie looked nerveous, finally I just said "OKAY THAT'S...
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Lagoona in her normal outfit.
Lagoona in her normal outfit.

Lagoona Blue is 15 years old and is the daughter of the infamous sea monster of the "Black Lagoon". In the show, Lagonna is heard clearly to have a thick Australian accent, which goes well with her love of surfing and the ocean.

Like most of the characters, Lagoona is introduced in the episode "New Ghoul @ School" and it shows that she is a very friendly and upbeat monster who will help anyone when needed.

She is "Best Ghoul Friends" with everyone on the show, that shows off her friendly personality even more. Doesn't matter who you are, Lagoona will always be there to keep you company....
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monster high
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scalley dragonasa
scalley dragonasa
Valeria:(shouts) STOP PUSHING !!!! I'll go first.

Sierra: no fair , you always go first

Saurice:well she is the boss

Scalley:umm how long are we gonna stay outside?

Valeria:my bad y'll.come on in. okay let's begin.

Saurice:here we are again folks with your hosts Valeria L Valentine, Sierra K Beast and Sally L"saurice" Maurcie that's me in another interview .

Sierra:now everybody give a round of applause for monster high's favorite replitians dragannna and scalley WHOOO!!! *claps* and for our special quest hazel!!!.

Saurice & Valeria:(cheering) WHOO HOO!!! ALRIGHT!! YEAAAHHHH!!!!

Valeria:okay let's...
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