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Monster High Group Wallpaper 1024x768 & 800x600
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Monster High Group Wallpaper 1024x768 & 800x600
monster high group wallpaper
cleo de nile
deuce gorgon
frankie stein
clawdeen wolf
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This Monster High wallpaper might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Monster High: Adventures of the Ghoul Squad
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It was the next day,and the students had gathered at the enterance of the Monster High pool,the school bored,after seeing the petition,had decided to allow the pool to become clothing optional,much the students,and Headmistress Bloodgoods delight,of course,Meowlody was quite annoyed,she didnt expect something like this to happen,but her thoughts changed when Bloodgood handed Purrsephone a pair of large scissors.

"Students of Monster High" Purrsephone began,"It is with great pleasure,and honor,that we give you Monster highs first ever Clothing Option Pool",she said cutting the ribbon,the whole...
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WARNING - This fanfic (this chapter and so on) will contain teenage references etc.

Chapter 2: Frankie Stein

I walked into Mad Science and Mr. Hack made me show him my arms. Why? Because I would usually have needle marks in them...

When he saw my arms were clean, I walked up to Draculaura who was sitting on my desk.
"Hey ghoul!" She said cheerfully in her high pitched voice.
"Hey Draculaura...." I said, slowly.
"Whats wrong?"
"Nothing!" I didn't usually snap at my friends but it was just my mood.
"Ok...then....." Draculaura slipped off my desk and walked over to hers next to Clawdeen.

Phew. I sighed...
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my buzzed life in my hands, the fright song came blaring out. the call was from a blocked number.
"hello?" i said into it.
"is that spectra?" the voice said on the other line
" who is this?" i asked
"nobody. Are you Spectra vondergeist?"
"well who else would it be?" i asked desperate to find out who this mystery person is.
"let me ask you a few questions." the person said.
"just do it! first question: do you know a person called heath burns?"
"is he annoying?" the person asked.
"yeah." i replied.
"do you know why your uncle plotted against you?"
"because he was jealous and wanted himself to be on the throne."
"what has this gotta do with anything?" i asked
"meet me in the coffin bean at 7.30pm"
the line went dead......
my hand reached inside my pocket, dying to grab my phone to take a picture of something freaky that happened to clawdeen. But i promised not to post stuff on the ghostly gossip about the ghouls.

heath bumped into me and looked at me and said "whats up? not on fire today?"
"i've never been on fire." i said looking at the monster high floor.
i got my phone and shot heath a dirty look as if to say: if you say another word, your'e gonna Embarrassed in a way that you've never been before.
he got the hint.
this would have never happened if my evil uncle had made if go into exile....

stay tuned for part 2!
Clawtina yelled out "Stay put there's a rattle snake infront of our way".

Heath tried running the other direction.
Abbey tried calming him down but she had to use the 457 code.(which was making out)

Abbey at Heath started making out.
The rattle snake went up Clawtina's boot.
"Are you like serious. Looks like you have a new boyfriend".
Billy said. Clawd thumped him one in the chest.
Linda, Baxter, Spectra, Vikki and Draco flew down they saw a tiny rusty old town.
Linda pointed out her grandparents house.
"Maybe we can stay there but the wolfs can't come".
Draco smirked.

Something pink went...
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Titan Inc
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