Monster Parent: The Werewolf
Age: 14
Killer Style: I like to call the way I dress "were-punk". It's like taking lots of different styles and mashing them together to make something totally new and creepy cool. Clawdeen says it looks like I got dressed in the dark but I like it and that's all that matters to me.
Freaky Flaw: My hair. Sometimes it does what I want, sometimes it does what it wants, and sometimes it does things that make both of us look bad.
Pet: Cushion is my pet hedgehog. She may be a little prickly on the outside but she's really sweet on the inside and that's what matters.
Favorite Activity: I love playing soccer! It's so much fun!
Biggest Pet Peeve: When I get treated like the little sister. I mean, I am the little sister but I'm not a baby anymore.
Fav School Subject: I kind of like math and sometimes history but biteology is really cool.
Least Fav Subject: Sometimes my favorite subject one day is my least favorite the next day. Weird huh?
Favorite Color: It kind of depends on the day.
Favorite Food: Hotdogs.
BFFs: Clawdeen Wolf and Abbey Bominable.