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Chresanto August(Spiffy Nigga)
Chresanto August(Spiffy Nigga)
Chresanto August (Roc a.k.a daddy or papa):29
Bubba(Bonnie a.k.a You):27

What You Looked Like:
Your brazilian,dominican,cuban Nd black,your gorgeous you have honey blonde eyes,big,poofy,fluffy eyelashes, your lips were small Nd plumped big dimples(front Nd back),you have a beatiful brazilian hour glass framed body,your hair was golden brown

having a niggacan be duh most comforting feeling in duh world when your not safe think again his arms will always make you feel safe no matter what happens.Duh relationship ain't always easy mostly because dere mean as attitude duh aggression always...
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Ki'loni's  room
Ki'loni's room
5:00 am At MB's House....
Kiesha:*banging on doors*wake up wake up wake up!!!
MB:*groans&moves over*
Kiesha:don't make me get Kenneth on y'all
MB:*jumps out of bed&falls on floor*
Ray:*groans*Kiesha come on it's to goddamn to be fucking around like dat
Kiesha:*pops mouth twice*watch dat mouth
Prod:OCD nigga OCD*laughs*
Kiesha:*pops his mouth*hey what i just say
Prod:*fake cries*i'm sorry Kiesha
MB except for Prod:*laughs*
Kiesha:y'all need to shut the hell up so i can fucking talk wich y'all bad asses!!!!
MB:*sits down quietly*
Keisha:iight now you know Chris Brown's daughter right?
MB:sexy GiGi??...
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MB Funny moments and princeton grinding
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