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This Miley Cyrus photo might contain snorkel.

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Miley Cyrus first kiss at age 9 with Tyler Posey?
The actor of "Teen Wolf" reveals: I was the first boyfriend of Miley, she gave me her first kiss.

The star of "Teen Wolf" Tyler Posey (a young actor who is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and soon also in Italy sfonderà) revealed a love story gone with Miley Cyrus.

Not only that Tyler says he was the first guy to Miley, and ... his first kiss! According to the actor said, the two were together from 9 to 11 years. And Miley would have given him his first kiss, just 9 years.

Tyler met Miley as a child, when he worked in a television...
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Source: Miley Cyrus MTV EMA 2013
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