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Blaze is just so so-I dont know...
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Me: Kara, I know you've been following her. *I call into the trees*
Kara: Yes, *a hawk flys down* I would be lying to say I wasn't. Me and some eagles have been keeping an eye on her.
Me: I NEED to see her. Take me.
Kara: You're leaving the clan?
Me: No...*shakes head* I've got responsibility here...*trails off*
Kara: You think she hates you for not going with her.
Me: *nods slowly* I CAN'T let her keep thinking that! Kara, PLEASE, take me.
Kara: If you leave...they may not let you back *he warned*
Me: But I wasn't going to leave forever! I just wanted to clear up this mess!
Kara: THEY may not care....
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hey! pple oof MidnightClan! Dd Bluefire tell u her b-days n Aug? U should make her somthin nice cause shes a great leader! Shes my bff n real life so i made her this animation as one of my 7 presents! lolz! Its me(Stormstar) n her(Bluefire)
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I hate u Blaze!*shakes fist*
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The summer air was warm and moist the sun was setting over the horizen near midnightclan camp. In the nursery lie the silver tabby known as Skyheart she breathed easy in deep slumber until a pang of pain struck her stomach. She squeals and Whitefeather and Shadowecho dash over to her side. She begin to breath deeply and sweat beads of her glossy fur. She squels again in pain. "What's wrong with her help her!" Shadowecho ordered. "Her water broke the kits are coming!" Whitefeather snapped. "Well dont stand here help her!" he snapped anxiously. She nods and turns to Skyheart. "Here Skyheart frist...
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eyes like fire, burn my pelt.
pulse runs higher, pain i felt.
claws are red,
my friend...dead.

ear is torn,
for her, i morn.
my eye hurts,
the pain...won't stop.

my pelt throbbs,
i can't cope.
my life is fading,
my heart aches.

sudden strangth!
can't give up!
clan needs me!
for them, i'll fight!

i will not fight for me,
for i'll give in.
the pain, everywhere,
but i don't care!

pride burns in my heart,
honnor, too.
i will not show my fear,
though it nearly swallows me.

the pain in their eyes,
i forget my own.
they show no fear,
though i know they share it.

the brave cats around me,
it fills me with pride.
for i AM a true warrior,
and i do not cry.

a true warrior can cry,
but not out here.
can show no weakness,
can show no fear.

and sence i'm i true warrior,
and because i am loyal,
i will fight through this,
for no pain is worse then letting them down.
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